Night Prayer for February 24

Merciful Lord, one more day is coming to an end and it is time for the moon to settle in the black sky. Now I am ready to rest and try to recover the energy that I lost in the day that passed, always with the hope of being able to have a new tomorrow, that comes from your hand.

Blessed God, I want to thank you for all the beautiful moments that I was able to spend, for the moments that I enjoyed with my family and my friends, for the moments that I shared at work or in my study center, for those moments that they gave in my home that, surely, will be part of beautiful memories. Thank you because, behind those beautiful things, you were.

Holy Father, thank you that even though I make many mistakes, you are with me at all times. Before sleeping, I want to seek to be in grace with you. I want you to be able to forgive all the bad acts that I could commit. You know, Lord, that my intentions are not to harm myself nor to harm the people around me. That is why I ask your forgiveness with all my heart and thus be able to reach your mercy.

My Lord, I put all of me in your hands: my dreams, my plans, my concerns, my burdens, so that you are the one who can give me a solution and can lighten all the weight I carry on my back. Lord, allow me to rest from all this, relax my mind to be able to renew my energies, and thus be able to walk hand in hand along the paths of victory.

Thank you, blessed God, because you keep my family together. Thank you for taking care of their lives. Thank you because you allow them to have a relieved return home and because you make sure our problems are solved calmly, always putting you first. Thank you, Lord, because you do not forsake me, because you always put something to share on my table, and because my faith in you grows with time.

Keep my family together, Lord. If some are going through illnesses or different problems, may they become strong from our love and understanding. Make us help each other constantly and have one watch over the other at all times.

Merciful Father, I need complete rest. I need this fatigue to leave my body and mind. Cleanse my heart of the stains of sin and remove all those bad feelings that I may have had. Be my strength, my source of faith, and my comfort when the going gets tough. I will continue to trust in you, my Lord because you are the only true path that I must take.

Good night, my Lord. I know that you are listening to me and I know that you are working so that everything goes well. I ask you to grant me one more day of life if it is your holy will. Protect my dreams and don’t let the enemy break into my head. Watch over me while I sleep, my God, in the mighty and perfect name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Amen.

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