Night Prayer for February 25

Eternal God, tonight I want to thank you for the long day you gave me. Lord, my day has not been easy, it has been very complicated and my strength has been exhausted, that’s why I want to ask you to help me fall asleep so I can rest and regain the energy I left on this busy day.

My good God, thank you for being with me at all times. Thank you because you did not let go of my hand when the plans did not go as I expected, thank you because you stayed alert and attentive to help me in the moments when I had a lot of worries. Lord, if today I have failed a lot, I ask you to forgive me, if today I decided wrong, I would like to obtain your mercy and your forgiveness.

Merciful Lord, You know everything about me, better than anyone. You know perfectly well what my weaknesses are and what I constantly fail at. I ask you to make me strong in those moments, to keep me firm, and that my faith becomes much greater in times of anguish.

I ask your forgiveness, blessed Father because pride makes me go blind. After all, I believe that it is my strength that I am using and that it is my achievements that I have achieved. Forgiveness for forgetting that you have the last word at all times. My Lord, tonight, I ask you to be the one to take complete control of my life and to manage all the plans I have for myself.

Heavenly Creator, today I offer you my regrets, my sorrows, and my sorrows. May your Holy Mercy spill over my heart and my home to keep them out of danger and out of the temptations of the enemy. I want to rest my body knowing that You constantly watch over me.

Tonight, I ask you to have a new dawn to do everything that was left unfinished, to be able to ask for forgiveness and recognize my mistakes, to correct what I did wrong, and improve as a person and your servant.

Do not allow any disturbing thoughts to settle in my mind. Let the feelings of discouragement and sadness stay far away from me. Feed my faith with your word and revive my heart with your great love.

Good night, Lord. I ask you to rest quietly. Protect me and cover me with your precious mantle. Allow me to take shelter in your arms and abandon myself completely to You. Grant me a new day to share and enjoy with those people who mean a lot to me. Through Jesus, our Lord, Amen. I will stay with you, having the confidence that you hear me.

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