Night Prayer for February 26

Dear God, tonight I come to You, I fall on my knees to thank you for a new day that ends by your side. Thank you, because, during all this time, you kept me wrapped in your love and protected me from any disturbance from the enemy. Tonight, precious Lord, I want to praise you and bless you with all the strength I have.

My Lord, I cannot go to rest without first recognizing myself as a sinner. I ask you to grant me your forgiveness for all the improper acts that I have committed. I want you to be merciful to me and allow me to be in your grace and thus be able to rest peacefully.

Heavenly Father, I am nothing without You. You are the maximum expression of love and mercy. I receive everything from You and I find everything in You. My Lord, if you walk by my side, there will be no fear, and I will have a full assurance that everything will go very well.

Tonight, my God, I want to ask you to cover my life, to protect me, and to keep all evil away from me. Do not allow any thoughts of evil to enter my life and prevent me from falling asleep. Lord, repair my strength and alleviate the cracks that have been generated in my heart. Heal everything, because only in you can I put my trust, and only for you can I live.

Wonderful Lord, I know I do not deserve any of the blessings you bestow upon me, I know I am unworthy of your love or mercy, but I also know that your goodness is great and that it exceeds all the limits of my logic, that I will only be better if I stay by your side, and that I will do everything better if I make decisions with you in mind.

God of heaven and Lord of my heart, I want to ask you in a special way for this world that is further and further away from your presence. Have pity and compassion on all the people who do not know you or who are going through moments of great anguish that make them lose faith. Pour out your Holy Spirit on them and give them the peace they are seeking.

Thank you, blessed God, for the day that I was able to enjoy today. Thank you for all those moments that came into my life to leave me joy and great lessons. Thank you because I can understand that you will do everything in due time and because you have many things planned for me, Lord.

Oh, good God, I wish you good night, because now I am about to rest with the certainty that I will have a new day to live and with the confidence that you will take into account this humble prayer that I offer tonight. Permit me to rest and may my strength be restored, by the mercy of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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