Night Prayer for February 27

God of the heavens, it is already night and the beautiful moon has settled in the firmament. Now I’m ready to rest and regain the strength I lost on this day. Thank you, Lord, because you always stay by my side, despite everything, and because you are attentive to what my lips may ask of you.

Merciful Lord, tonight I want to ask your forgiveness for the mistakes I may have made and for the weaknesses that are constant in me. Give me the strength and courage to serve you as you command. I want your forgiveness to rest with you and to be under your grace.

My Lord, tonight I want to tell you that I feel very happy because your love is perceived throughout my room. Thank you for everything you do for me and for all the details you have in my life. My Lord, I want to ask you for tomorrow, to receive your favor and thus be able to carry out the plans that I have in mind and that I could not finish today.

This beautiful night, I want to ask you, especially for the most important people in my life, for my family. I want to thank you because you kept an eye on them and allowed their day to be profitable. Thank you because your mercy is also for them and because you did not forsake them all day.

Keep us united, blessed God, to overcome all the adversities that come our way and to fix all the problems that may exist within our home. Thank you because you allow us to get to know you because you allow us to be close to you and experience your love and kindness. Thank you because we had a plate of food and clothing to put on. Thank you because you are present in all our moments. Oh my God.

I also want to ask you for those people who are having a very hard day, for those who do not have the end as expected, for those people who are enveloped by sadness and depression, for those who have lost hope for life. Merciful God, have mercy on them and give them the peace they seek to embark on better paths and to finally, to return to You.

Holy God, You know perfectly well what I need and what I want to get. You know how much I sacrifice and how much I work to get what I want. I ask you for one more day of life to be able to crystallize all the goals that I have set for myself. Give me the strength to move forward and the perseverance to continue on your path.

My Lord, thank you because I have the confidence that you are listening to my prayers. Thank you because you will take care of my dreams while I sleep and because I know that you will remove the enemy from my home. Thank you for being the guardian of my life and because you will give me a new day to live, if it is your wish, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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