Night Prayer for February 28

Precious Lord, thank you for allowing me once again to get to the end of the day. Thank you that you kept me healthy, and thank you that you gave my family a profitable day, too. It is already night, and now I just want to go to rest and rest my body, knowing that you will grant me a rest that repairs my energies.

Thank you, Divine Lord, for the miracle of life. Thank you because tonight I feel happy and want to praise you. Precious God of my heart and King of Kings, thank you for all the blessings you place in my life. Thank you because I know that I am undeserving of this, but you still give me everything by the handful.

Remove from me all evil. Tonight, remove the intentions of the enemy and cover me with your mantle of power. Almighty God, I want to ask your forgiveness for the mistakes I have made on this day. I want you to allow me to return to your grace and be in your presence.

Thank you, blessed Father, because, in moments of sadness, you stay with me, because you take me out of the depths of the sea where I am sunk. Thank you because you heal all the wounds that I have in my heart and my soul. Thank you for being the strong rock that supports my home, the comfort in my storms, and the faithful friend in my joys.

My Lord, I also want to thank you for my family. Throughout the day, you did not abandon them and you were always there to attend to their pleas and calls. Thank you because you have allowed them to return home safely and because you kept them in good health. I ask you to grant them all one more day of life to be able to enjoy and share it with all of us.

I also want to ask you for the world that has forgotten You, for the people who give a lot of priority to the material and forget about the spiritual. Grant them the possibility of regaining hope and the strength to continue on your path and to be able to believe in You.

Thank you again, my God, because you have been good and faithful. Thank you for everything you put in my path and thank you for the plans you have for me. Tonight, my Lord, I recognize that you are the only one who can decide on my life and that your love has no comparison.

Good night, heavenly Father, I trust that my pleas are being heard tonight. Thank you because I am certain that you will grant me a new dawn and that you will protect me while I sleep. Take all my worries from my mind and make me rest easily and calmly, in the perfect name of Jesus our Lord, Amen.

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