Morning Prayer for January 3

My father, today I want to thank you because your love surrounds me from the first moment of the day. I want to thank you for your protection and care while I was sleeping and you grant me the happiness of waking up to enjoy a new day with the people I love the most. I ask that you give me the good sense to make the right decisions on this day and that you can give me a favor.

Once again I thank you for this wonderful gift, Holy Father, and my heart fills with joy, with the desire to praise you, to bless you, and to proclaim to the world that you are the Name above all names, that you are the center of life and the only way of love and truth. Blessed are you, my Lord, for eternity, for great are your wonders, and beautiful are your works.

Eternal God, I want to live this day with enthusiasm, with much joy, and with much hope, trusting that you will accompany me in every step that I can take and in every decision that I can make. Surround my heart with your love, bless my work with prosperity and abundance, develop my mind for use in my studies, and bless the daily activities that I will carry out.

This morning I want to ask you about the people who start the day fighting, suffering from diseases, or dealing with their dark parts. Open their hearts to exchange their mistrust for understanding, their indifference for solidarity, their hatred for love. Lord, be the one who establishes ties of peace and brotherhood among men so that they can find salvation and the Kingdom of your justice and love.

 Glorify yourself in me and allow me to achieve the plans I have in mind. Cleanse my heart of the evils that it may have and put aside what does not do me good. May my mind feel renewed and seek to motivate my faith, constantly.

Adored king of my life, I want to ask you this morning to pour out your blessing on my family. Give them the necessary care when leaving and returning home, remove the evil from their hearts and guide their steps so that they do not fall into temptation. Grant them the grace of many opportunities and give them the wisdom to know how to listen, understand and support each other with love.

May this day be able to love with all my heart, may I be a servant of your work. I offer you my life so that it is under your will, take care of my home, my transport, the destinations where I have to go, Blessed Lord, may this day be of many benefits and many blessings.

Holy Lord, thank you for your protection and your blessings, thank you that you are aware of the needs of my home, thank you for the health that you provide to my family, and for the food that we can share at our table. Thank you that we trust your promises and that our faith increases each day with each prayer.

Precious Father, thank you because I know that my prayer is being heard and because I trust that you will be by my side on this day. Take all the actions of my life and conduct them well, I offer this day especially for You. All this I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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