Night Prayer for March 1

Precious Lord, one more day has ended, and I come to you to give thanks for all the moments you allowed me to share. Thank you, because somehow I have learned a lot today. Thank you to the people who were with me and for the details. You had throughout this day. Now I am ready to rest with the hope of having a new day by your side.

My Heavenly Father, I don’t want to go to sleep before I ask your forgiveness for the mistakes I have committed. I have acted with disobedience and with great pride. I’m sorry because I don’t know how to recognize my mistakes when I’m wrong and I don’t know how to apologize to my brother. My Lord, help me to be able to reconcile with you and with the people with whom I have caused discomfort. I want to rest, but under your grace, my Lord.

Tonight I want to thank you for all the moments that I had to live, for the joy and the sadness, for the enjoyment, and the reflections. Thank you because everything comes from You, Holy Father, and I want to make the most of it.

Thank you because today I didn’t go hungry, I didn’t go without clothes, and you keep me safe from evil. Thank you because I do not suffer from strong needs and because you are always aware of my prayers.

God of goodness, I want to ask you for the problem that I still cannot solve, so that it is You who stands before me and can help me face my battle. My Lord, give me your strength and your courage not to fear in the face of circumstances, give me the confidence to continue praying and depositing everything in You. I know that I can achieve everything if you are by my side.

I ask for all the people who are having a difficult day and for those who are governed by disappointment. Lord of light, enlighten their souls and hearts so that they may return to you, the path they should never have left, and receive blessings and mercy from your hands.

Thank you for everything you gave me on this day, for all the moments we shared, and for being there for me at all times.Thank you for your kindness and mercy. Now I only ask you to help me fall asleep and thus recover the energy lost throughout the day.

Thank you, blessed Lord, because I know that my prayer is being heard. Thank you because I know that you will keep the enemy away from me. Thank you, my God, because within everything that happens, you are always present and you will grant me a new day to live, if it is your will, Amen.

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