Night Prayer for March 2

Tonight I come before you to thank you for all the moments you gave me on this day. Thank you because you kept me healthy and because you did not allow any intention of the enemy to have power over me. Now I am ready to rest and recover the strength that I lost on this day.

My good Lord, thank you for all the moments that I was able to experience. Thank you for all the learning that I was able to accumulate and thank you for everything that I was able to share. Thank you because you gave me many moments of joy. Thank you because I had moments of sadness and reflection. Lord, give me the wisdom to understand that everything that happens is for a good reason.

Merciful Lord, I can’t sleep unless I ask your forgiveness for everything that has happened; forgiveness for any mistakes I may have made; forgiveness for the flaws that have caused my brothers to be sad. Holy Father, I beg your forgiveness, to rest in grace with you and, tomorrow, to have the opportunity to amend my mistakes.

Heavenly Father, tonight, I want to thank you because you keep my family well. Thank you because you give them health and because you grant us many moments to share. Thank you because they show themselves as a solid reason to continue persevering on this path that, day by day, becomes more difficult.

I ask that we can continue together, that our prayers become stronger as the days go by, that we can always repay everything you give us, and that we do not forget to be pleasant to you. Eternal Lord, if we have the abundance that we ask of you, let us not forget to always be on our knees before your presence. May each day we become better in service, in humility, and love.

Holy God, tonight I want to put everything in your presence, everything that happened today, and the plans I have for my future. I need you to consider my plans and allow me to do everything I’ve been longing to do for a long time, always under your vigilance and your will.

I am confident that my prayer is being heard on high. It removes all the worries from my mind and relieves the fatigue that my body has. My Lord, that tonight I can abandon myself completely to you and take shelter in your arms to seek the rest that I so desperately need.

Thank you because I know that tonight you will be pouring your blessings on me. Thank you because your protective mantle will be over my home and will take care of the dreams of the people I love. Do not allow anything to disturb my rest and give me one more day to share if you wish. Amen.

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