Night Prayer for March 3

Merciful Father, one more day comes to an end and I come to thank you for everything you gave me. Thank you because, despite not deserving it, you give me all your love. Thank you because you kept me healthy, thank you because all the activities I did had a benefit and because you allowed me to get home so I can rest.

My Lord, I want to give you all my tiredness, my worries, and everything that I have been accumulating throughout the day so that you can lighten my burdens so that you give me the possibility of recovering from everything and having a new day by your side. I want to thank you for all the moments that I had to live, for all the teachings that I acquired, and for all the plans that could be realized.

Merciful God, I want to ask your forgiveness for everything I committed, forgiveness for what I did, and for the behaviors I adopted that were not to your liking. Lord, renew and cleanse my heart from the stains of sin, mold my way of being so that I am a good person who can serve his neighbor. Teach me to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, and to understand my neighbor much more and thus become a better servant of yours.

My Lord, thank you because you have allowed my family to enjoy health throughout this day, thank you for taking care of their activities, thank you for allowing them to return home safely, and because you put the food on their tables that allowed them to nourish their bodies.

I ask you to give us the joy of meeting you, of placing you as the most important thing in our home, and to continue praying at all times. May the problems of life not overwhelm us and may we always remain firm in love and prayer, blessed God.

Also, I want to ask you in a special way Lord, for those people who are going through health problems, economic problems, or some problem that makes them fall into discouragement. Divine Father, I ask you to grant them a lot of patience so as not to despair and a lot of wisdom so that they can make the best decisions that help them resolve this situation that can become complex. Help them to continue trusting, to continue praying, and to transform their lives into a testimony of your love.

I raise this humble prayer with great devotion, in it I ask you to take all worry and discouragement from my mind, so that you can alleviate the fatigue that I have. May tomorrow be a day of great favor and great productivity, may you take me by your hand and guide me along the paths of victory.

Good night my Lord, I trust that my prayer has been heard and that you will make me rest from everything that happened on this day. If it is your will, blessed Father, grant me the opportunity to have another day of life, with many opportunities and challenges to achieve, Amen.

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