Night Prayer for March 4

Beautiful Lord of my heart, the night has come again, giving way to the rest of the sun, and again I approach You, to give You words of gratitude, to glorify You and give You honor for the beautiful detail of the day that you give me with great consideration.

Thank you very much, divine God, because, despite all of my faults, you always remain firm in your love as my companion; thank you for the greatness of your fidelity and how your love is distributed in open hands that always make me feel welcome in the good or bad that I can give you.

I thank you, Father, for the beautiful family that you gave me because they were also accompanied and very well cared for by You. After all, every step they took was carefully watched. Thank you for allowing them to return home with so much good from their daily jobs and sit down with me to share their morning experiences.

Lord, give them the ability to endure all the adversities that come into their lives and grant them many moments of happiness so that they can enjoy them with great unity and gratitude.

Although the day has exhausted my energies, my trust remains in You, merciful Lord. Even though not all the things I planned went well, I truly praise You and continue to trust You. If the long-term plans that I have are not fulfilled, I want to continue trusting in You, because your purposes and visions will always be better than mine, my Lord.

Give me the faith I need to trust blindly, not only with words but with my heart, so that everything I promise is not spoiled for Your glory, I know that you will fulfill everything you say at the necessary time. Thank you for increasing my firmness and courage to make decisions that, in the long term, will be in my favor for the rest of my life.

On this beautiful night, I prostrate myself before You and offer you everything I have and what I am, my Lord: my plans, my dreams, the deepest desires of my heart, along with my weaknesses, my sorrows, and joys. You who know everything about me, you know that I cannot lie to you, My God, give me everything I need to feel happy by your side, so that, with every action, my life is filled with prosperity and my home with abundance.

Thank you, Blessed God, for putting people in my path who bring me closer to you, who are happy for my accomplishments, and who are with me in my sorrows; please keep them safe from all evil and danger. Have mercy on this son of yours who very simply appears before You, to be forgiven of all his faults and blessed for life. I am clay in your hands, my Lord. All this I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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