Night prayer for March 5

Loving God, at the end of today’s journey and with a tired body, I put myself at your disposal to think about everything I have received in your Holy Name, and the first thing I want to do is thank you, beautiful Father. Thank you, Lord, for everything you have given me today, for everything you have allowed me to see, hear, and share with you and with others.

Thank you, tender Father, because you have listened carefully to what my small and fragile heart has been asking of you throughout the day, for telling me in many ways that you love me and want me by your side all the time. Thank you because you have known how to direct my walk wisely on the path of truth and did not let the enemy interrupt what you and I had planned for today, making me feel victorious and well cared for in your mercy.

Beautiful Lord, I ask you to allow my body and soul to rest in Your loving arms, which are very tired from the routine of the day. Tonight, my good God, I want to be embraced by You, because I know that, under your protection, my heart can recover little by little from the discouragement and regret of bad times, and thus, with your enveloping love, I can learn more from You to give myself to those around me.

I ask your forgiveness, Eternal Father, for the imprudence that I committed today. For having perhaps hurt, with my weakness, someone who crossed my path, for having been indifferent to someone who has asked me for support. I want to learn from those weaknesses so I don’t do them again and be a better person. I will try a little harder to resist any evil act that wants to come at me.

I do not want to close my eyes tonight without first raising my admiration and praise to heaven in your Name for all the wonderful things you have put in my life. Thank you, my Good Lord, for the trials and hard times that I experienced, which, although they are difficult for me to understand, I know that You have allowed them so that I can strengthen my faith in You and learn a little more.

Thank you very much, beautiful Father, because you allowed me to share one more day with my loved ones. I was able to love them and learn more about them, for the pleasant moments and good company that you have given me with so much appreciation. Thank you for the job you gave me and for the good friends you gave me. I will keep them like a treasure in my soul.

Thank you for the union that you allow me to have with them, for the love that you put into each one to solve with righteousness any adversity that comes your way. Protect their lives, projects, and families, but most importantly, protect their hearts so that they will always look to you. Show them that they can be happy if you remain in the center of their actions and thoughts at all times.

From the depths of my being, I ask you, oh Beloved Father, to give me one more day to be close to You, one more day where I can strengthen my trust in Your power, where I can serve You and serve others with more desire, where I can love myself more and thus fulfill all the plans that under Your will have been proposed for my life. I deliver my dream under the care and name of your Holy and beloved son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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