Night Prayer for March 6

Precious Lord, the night came to become a companion for us, and in this way, I want to thank you very much for the things that you allowed me to experience today. Thank you because I was able to return safely to my home and because I can have my body at rest,

Tonight my good God, I would like to ask your forgiveness for making you feel bad with my actions, for having been selfish in not paying attention when others needed me, or because, perhaps, on this day I lacked a little more humility. Thank you, Lord, because you were lovingly protecting every step I took during this day, for accompanying me, and for returning me to the path of your fidelity when on several occasions I felt astray.

Thank you for being the light I need to clarify my whole being more and more. Blessed be you forever, beautiful Father, my mind and my heart praise you with much gratitude. I feel very blessed for you, my wonderful God and my lips only want to magnify your sacred Name over all your magnificent creation.

Thank you very much because today I was able to continue in my work, in my studies and I was able to do them well. Thank you for blessing and caring for all my colleagues and my superiors. Take the home of each one of them with great care without exception, they need a lot from You, beloved God. Infinite thanks for this cozy roof that you continue to offer me, where I can feel safe from all danger that may exist in the streets.

I ask you with great devotion, my Lord, for those people who are in prison, limited in their freedom. For those who regret having done harm and assume the consequences of their actions, for those who are imprisoned being innocent, so that you can show them the powerful right hand of your justice and they can return to their own. For those who still do not feel remorse for their bad actions, so that their hearts may be touched by your Divine hand and thus, they can finally amend their mistakes and return to your side.

Great is your mercy precious Father, my heart does not stop exalting how great your work is in my life and in the lives of the beings who have shared with me. Teach me to show them more of You, I would like to be your reflection wherever I go so that they do not stop meeting you so that they do not stop looking for you in all circumstances.

May you wrap me in Your look of love tonight, Heavenly Father, I entrust all my earrings, my convictions, all the dreams I have to fulfill, as long as they are under your will. I give you my tiredness, my soul hurt by the hard moments that I had to live; take them and fill them with great strength, my Lord.

All this prayer that goes from my thoughts to my little heart, is for You, beautiful Lord, to receive them with all my love because I am confident that they will be carefully heard. Be the guardian of my dreams, oh good Father, protect me from all bad thoughts that want to ruin my rest. I trust in You, I ask this in the name of our Savior, Your Son Jesus, Amen.

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