Night Prayer for March 7

My good Lord, at the end of this day, I prostrate myself before your presence and on my knees. I want to thank you very much for everything I experienced today. Thank you for the brothers who shared this long day with me, which, by the way, became very beautiful because You were there to continue finding that incomparable and excessive love, that complete love that only you characterize above all things.

Thank you, my blessed Father, for the blessed moments full of love that you give me. Thank you for the moments of learning in difficulty, because they make my heart seek you more and more. May my need for You become inexhaustible, Lord, so that together we can achieve many things that sometimes seem unattainable in this life.

Thank you for my health, for this beautiful feeling of being alive, and for being able to perceive everything you are doing in me. Thank you, dear Father, because I can turn to You tonight with my humble prayer.

Beautiful Father, your marvelous works in the immensity of your grace. Thank you for all the moments of joy and sorrow that I was able to experience today because all of this makes me constantly look for you throughout the day to glorify and bless you, my Lord, King above all names. Blessed and praised be my God, for all the blessings in my life and the lives of my loved ones.

My life is yours, merciful Father because you make everything new and beautiful. Your holy hand can do anything and heal anything. Before closing my eyes, I would like to lay my problems, my emotional imbalances, and my doubts at your feet. Take them Lord, so I can understand them and myself a little more.

I give you all this so that you help me see beyond those negative things, have a full rest, and when I get up, I can act with a better attitude in the face of what comes my way. Teach me to take all those concerns as a training ground to sanctify my soul and not settle for easy things.

I want to love you and obey you in everything you ask of me. Divine Father, thank you for always calling me by my name and making me feel special with every grace you deposit in me day by day. My praise and gratitude are for You forever precious Father. May the power of your inexhaustible love reign in all the hearts that seek you and are enveloped in the beauty of Your gaze.

I give you my family, Lord, so that they may be cured of any physical or spiritual illness they may have. Only you know them better than anyone. Bless their lives and give them a good rest. Thank you, dear God, for listening to what I asked of you because there is no better place than your arms to be protected and cared for with love. I ask this in the blessed name of our precious Jesus, Amen.

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