Night prayer for March 8

Father of Mercy, tonight my whole life wants to thank you for the precious day you gave me. Thank you because I have been able to finish it by holding your hand and you have kept me in my thoughts most of the time given. Thank you, good father, because you have not walked away from me, because you have known how to take care of my back and every step I took on this journey.

Thank you, my Lord, for every moment that I have been able to live, for everything that I have been able to learn, and for the good moments in which I have been able to enjoy the company of several people who crossed my path today. Beloved God, may your name always be blessed, and I praise you in the presence of all of us who exist in this world. My lips only want to exalt your presence and all your power full of love for us.

I want that before my eyes and my heart rest, my praise and my sincere prayer reach you, my beautiful God, to be blessed and to be of your holy pleasure. Almighty God, pour out hope on people who urgently need encouragement, renew and enkindle their hearts, enliven their spirits so that they can regain that lost confidence.

I would like this night to serve as a persona grata, for choosing me with so much affection by allowing me to enjoy the wonderful breath of life, because you are always with me, even though sometimes I don’t see or feel you. I know that you are with me. I want to be snuggled by your sweet voice until I fall completely asleep in your presence.

Thank you very much, merciful Father, for taking care of my family, for keeping them close to me, and thus allowing me to share with them and learn more about their lives. Thank you because the love you give us helps us stay united despite the different ways of thinking that each one of us may have, and you make sure that all this does not impede being victorious in the trials.

Heavenly Father, I wish that your heart joins mine and that, being one, they can be the light of this night that you created. Along with this wish, I want to ask your forgiveness for the injustices I committed today. For perhaps rejecting some show of affection that someone wanted to give me, for having been bitter and not noticing my surroundings. Have mercy on me, Lord. I am willing to improve under the power of your grace.

You are the living water, my God. Take me back to your Immaculate Heart. Flood me with your blessing so that everything bad is transformed. May you always be the center of my existence. May all my attention be on you, blessed Father. Give me a heart worthy of you and complete rest to replenish all the energy I need for this dawn that is yet to come.

Take care and also protect my loved ones. Give them a good rest; some eyes that are always ready to look for you; some ears that are willing to listen to you in the good and especially in the bad times of the divine Lord. Protect my friends from evil. Cover them with all your love and affection so that tomorrow they wake up with the conviction of your presence. Amen.

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