Night prayer for March 9

My good father of love, the day has come to an end and before I surrender my tired body to sleep, I would like to talk with you. In the hours of this long day, you have shown me countless things for which I want to thank you with all sincerity. Thank you for the good company you have given me on my daily walk, for keeping me in good health, and for taking great care of me.

Thank you, Lord, because I have been able to enjoy your enveloping love this morning. I could feel your wonderful mercy and your infinite goodness. I could see you in the simplicity that you placed in my walk. Thank you for being so detailed with me. It is a very clear sign that you are always there for me. My Father God, never leave my life.

Tonight, I kneel before you because there is nothing more beautiful in my life than the fact that you are not my God of power. I am very grateful. After all, you did not let any evil take control of my life, because you took care of me in such a way that today I can raise my humble prayer to your altar of love. Thank you for giving me the joy of returning to my home safely and because you allowed me to be in union with my family again.

Blessed be God, you did not let a need go unmet today, and you have never abandoned me. I consider that the best way to thank you from my soul is by addressing the eternal sky with your wonderful name, Lord. Blessed are you, always blessed God of my love, because everything you see as dark and hopeless, you turn into radiant light, alive for all those who need it.

I always have to learn to value everything you give me, beloved Father. I ask you to help me with it; may my faith never collapse because of some human injustice or some calumny that I may receive along the way. Increase my faith in God so that I can withstand any moment of doubt or ridicule for following you. Give me the certainty that there is nothing better than following your precepts.

I beg your forgiveness, with great shame, for the misfortunes that I might commit today, for the distractions that, perhaps, took over me at some point during the day. Oh God of infinite tenderness, be merciful to me, compassionate with this heart that feels empty without your presence. Sorry for my selfishness, for my lack of affection, sorry for the things that went wrong when I believed sometimes that I could do things without your help.

I put into your hands, full of mercy, the lives of the governors of all nations so that they include you in each of their plans, their homes, and their citizens. May they not be dominated by power and corruption. May they know that the only power that exists is to transparently serve your name, their country, and their family. Bless their minds and hearts so that they may be a reflection of your humility and service.

I would like to give you my fatigue, complications, and any existential doubts that I may have so that you are the one who turns them into full rest for my soul. Take it with my love and in my smallness, and welcome my requests with great care, united to the lives of the beings I love with all my heart, in the Name of your loving Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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