Night Prayer for March 10

Lord of my life, how good it is to be here in your presence tonight. I feel good here, by your side, conversing a little through this prayer. I know that everything I was asking of you at the beginning of the day has been given precisely. Thank you for my existence and your company. Illuminate this night with your infinite goodness and may my heart always want to have you in an indispensable way like heartbeats or breathing.

I want to light the first candle of my prayer on this night with my gratitude. Thank you, beautiful Father, for every experience I experienced on this day, for the smiles and sorrows, because I was able to be accompanied in such a special way by my loved ones. Thank you, Lord, because I was able to see my friends and share a little more about their interests, afflictions, and dreams.

This night is becoming more and more magical with your company. Thank you very much, Almighty God. Thank you for the blessings that have been poured out in each moment lived, for this safe roof for my integrity and that of my family, and for keeping you in my mind so that I can speak words of glory and praise to you, my good Lord.

Blessed be you forever, Lord, for the beauty of your landscapes, for the beautiful sunset that was like a spectacle for my eyes. You make everything beautiful, you do everything so that I realize your great love. Thank you, Lord, for comforting my heart when I had to go through a difficult moment today, for putting the words in my mind to straighten out my attitude.

If today I offended you, my good God, I ask you with a broken soul to please forgive me. Sometimes I don’t realize what I’m doing and I get carried away by what I feel, not by what you have left me. Teach me to always be moved by your love, even if it offends or hurts me. To turn the other cheek of understanding as you did with others. Have mercy on this heart that desperately seeks and needs you.

Listen to everything I ask of you, Father of kindness, because everything I tell you is very honest. May it be you who has the last word and not me, because I am weak. Embrace my whole life with your strength. My God, God of power, I want to always walk with you and do everything that may be under your will. Only with your Spirit can my heart be restored and I spread joy to those who are sad.

With great fatigue and confidence in you, I kneel to ask for all those who cannot rest for days because they feel tormented by their bad thoughts, by their lack of love and understanding of themselves. calm and stabilize their minds. Good God, may they experience your infinite love and be embraced in your peace. Have mercy on their hearts, Lord.

Give me, my beautiful father, the calm I need to rest my tired body in my bed. Take away from me everything that prevents me from sleeping in peace and accompany me in my dreams, Lord. Watch as you, my dear friends and family’s eternal guardian, remain in their lives and reign in their existence. I put my mind and heart into the lullaby of your voice. I want to love you until the end of time and in the Name of Jesus, King of kings, Amen.

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