Night Prayer for March 11

Dear and pious Lord, good night. My lips want to address you with words of affection and gratitude for the gifts you have given me today. Thank you, Lord, for ensuring that I would return to my home with much good and finally be able to meet my family.

Enlighten my mind and heart so I don’t stop thinking about you and everything you do every day for me and for those I love the most. Send the light of your Holy Spirit on me on this night that has come, to be able to see the paths that bring me closer to your infinite love, Holy Father.

Thank you for the food that I had on my table during lunch and dinner, which helped me replenish energy for tomorrow’s day. Infinite thanks I give you because my family had to provide for themselves on this day. They were able to wake up well and accompany me.

My Lord, I think carefully about everything that has happened to me during this day, and the truth is that I feel very grateful for such consideration. Thank you for the pleasant moments that I lived today and for the not-so-pleasing ones that left me with great learning.

For all these beautiful things, my soul wants to give you glory and praise. My beautiful God, you are always worthy of praise. May my heart exalt your precious name with great pride for all the wonders you give me in life. I praise you, Lord, in my joy and also in my sorrow, so that you are the one who reigns the universe.

Give me the faith and hope I need to make my restfully available. I feel very exhausted, my Lord. Fill me with tranquility and calm so that when my eyes close, you are the owner of my dreams. Envelop me with all your goodness and your grace to remain all the time in your presence, my wonderful Father.

I want to place in your Sacred Heart those people who suffer from incurable diseases so that they offer them with great faith. You are their doctor of love. Pour out your blessings on each one of them, so that they see beyond their suffering and rejoice in your power because you heal everything and give everything. Listen to their pleas for your divine mercy, my Lord.

My Lord, with my eyes ready to close under your mercy, I earnestly ask you to take care of me so that I can sleep like a little child in your arms. Keep away all evil that wants to interrupt my rest and be the owner and Lord of my dreams. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I would like all this to be accompanied by the protection of my family, the care of my dear friends, and the blessing of those who do not know me.

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