Night Prayer for March 12

Blessed be God, that on this night that you have given me with love, I may be pleasant. Thank you for this end of the day in which I have been able to experience your grace throughout my day through the love shared by the people around me who love me well.

Today I know very well, Lord, that you accompany me and do not leave me alone, although on several occasions I tend to think otherwise. Thank you for having had the opportunity to have one more day of existence because when I opened my eyes, I found you in the color of the sky. Thank you for the worthwhile job you gave me. I want to continue making the most of it.

Eternal Father, You always provide for every need that exists. I ask you to take care of that need in my soul that sometimes feels empty and doesn’t understand why. It heals everything that doesn’t let me sleep peacefully and makes me torment myself for long hours of thinking. Take all this, my God, because in your hands is the best place.

I get on my knees, my almighty Father, to beg your forgiveness for my fragility because I do not deny myself and I get tired of carrying my cross so as not to follow you or think of you. I always want to return to you, but feelings dominate me sometimes. I don’t want to hurt you anymore, my beautiful God. You only deserve the love that you always distribute.

I would like to ask you, Lord, to help all the people who may feel the same way as I do right now, so that they may be lifted up by your infinite mercy and thus have no insecurities about the meaning of their lives. Hug them tightly, good father, and also give them plenty of rest.

Thank you, God, for the Father for the things that were successful for me today. I also thank you for the difficulties. I know that they will teach me to strengthen my absolute faith in you. Somehow, you have been giving me encouragement through people and things. Thank you for showing me that I can get ahead through your blessed grace.

With the tiredness in my body and the soul in your hands, I ask you, my God, to place all my requests in your heart. Thank you for giving me many facilities in my studies. Thank you for the understanding of my superiors in my work. Thank you for the community in which I live. Take care and protect a lot of them.

My plans for tomorrow, my home, my friends, and the people I will cross paths with, are placed at your feet with great devotion. My God, welcome my requests and the people I mention in this simple prayer, and with great sincerity. For the love that unites us, the unique love of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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