Night Prayer for March 13

Merciful Father, the day is drawing to a close and I place myself in your presence so that you may illuminate this night with our dialogue. I had a great day today, for which I want to thank you for your company and your great fidelity. Thank you, because I was able to share it with many people that I love and that I recently met. Thank you for the joy of being able to return home safely and sound, always under your care, Lord.

From my heart, I thank you because everything I got was under your divine will. Thank you for the good and not-so-good times that I was able to experience today. Teach me, Lord, to get the necessary wisdom to be able to learn from them and live under all your precepts, which are always good because you do everything that way for me.

Thank you very much, Lord, for the home you gave me and the people you put inside it so that I can put you at the center of our coexistence and thus keep us together through prayer and sharing. I ask you, my good Lord, to forgive us the times that we do not control our impulses and we hurt ourselves with hurtful words or actions.

Thank you, my God, because on this day we receive many blessings. Take care of us tonight, so that we can have a good rest under your protection and vigilance. Thank you also for the food we share at our table because you do not allow us to stay hungry or thirsty. Thank you also because we have clothing to cover our bodies from the inclemencies of the outside. Help me, Lord, to know and always value everything you grant me.

Tonight, cover my life completely with your mercy. Oh wonderful God, tonight, cover me with all your mercy and mercy and completely bless my life. Give me a dream that will make up for all the tiredness I felt from the efforts I made today. It also relieves my heart, which often feels tired of so much injustice, so much evil, and so much normality that they attribute to bad actions in this world.

Lord of the universe, clarify my thoughts, take my worries away from my mind, help me rest my soul, please. Keep away from me all temptation and sin that could cause me to fall out of your presence, Oh good God., the next day, my body will wake up with all the energy it needs to meet all my goals.

Tonight I ask you in a very special way, for those people who are flooded with pain, for those who have not rested for days, tied to thoughts that torment them, that do not help them value themselves as the children that they are, and that simply feel that their life has no meaning in this world. Welcome them with great tenderness, so that they can experience your great love and calm through a hug or a word of encouragement.

At your disposal, my beloved Father, I place all these requests with the confidence that they will be heard and accepted. May everything always be done under your will, which is the most precise and convenient. In the company of my good Jesus, our Lord, Amen.

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