Night Prayer for March 14

Blessed God, tonight I come before you to thank you with all sincerity for the day I received as a gift. Thank you for making me feel so important with all the love flooding into every corner of my heart. At this time, I ask you to grant me the rest that my exhausted body needs to replenish all the strength lost during the morning shift.

Give me the will, my Lord, to be able to have dawn full of many blessings where I can be faithful to you, especially in the adversity that costs me so much. Thank you for paying close attention to the requests I made to you all these hours. Thank you for the beautiful family that accompanies me. You know how important my family is to me. I ask you to take great care of their health and to heal any illness they may have.

Beautiful Lord, I ask you to continue to illuminate my life tonight, so that you can ward off all feelings of evil that fill my sleep with restlessness. Thank you for having details of love during the day, for allowing me to meet new brothers with whom I can share, sympathize, and tell them about you.

Thank you very much, my God, for not allowing us to go through needs in my home. Thank you because it is you who gives us the wisdom to be able to resolve our discussions calmly. If on this day we have failed you, have mercy on us, Eternal Father. Pour out your mercy and kindness on each one, to do the things that always please you.

May this night be propitious to give you glory, my good Lord. May my heart praise you and my eyes be on you always. Blessed are you, oh Father, for tenderly accompanying every existing creature; you make everything wonderful, my Lord. Everything that comes from your hand is perfect and incomparable. I could not make this earth my heaven if you were not present, rooted in my soul.

I wish to close my eyes and know that you will accompany me, with the certainty that you will receive my prayer with great affection and that everything I ask for will be done according to your perfect timing. I give them to you so that my being can be filled with hope and charity for the new dawn. Help me, Lord, to see you in my dreams and my reality. May it be a rock so that tomorrow, people can hold on to you through my help.

I put into your divine hands the needs of those who seek you but cannot find you because they are blinded by depression, anxiety, and lack of self-love. Help them to find themselves through a restful sleep, a good hug that breaks their fears and disposes them to open their interior to be able to listen to your word and feel your immense charity.

With love, I present to you, my Lord, all my prayers to be raised to heaven and reach your heart. Give me one more day to marvel at all your wonders and recognize me as your son in your creation; give me the courage to appreciate you in the simple. All this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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