Night Prayer for March 15

Wonderful Father, the night came to end this day and I got down on my knees so that my heart could thank you for taking care of me throughout these hours. Thank you because you were present from the beginning to the end of my activities, accompanying me with your friendly company.

I want to thank you for loving me in my tiredness, in my fatigue, because despite everything, I feel happy to be able to talk with you tonight. I am relieved to be able to lie in this bed, safe from all danger and protected by health, knowing that many people cannot be happy.

I would like, Lord, that your presence is as constant as the beating of a heart, that I do not lose the need to find myself in you, and today, that, at the foot of my bed, I keep all the graces that come from your hand. May I accept the world’s inexplicable or perhaps unfair moments because only you, my God, know what is truly good.

Blessed God, take everything that was left unfinished in my plans today so that they can be resumed with more strength and better organization tomorrow. I would like to carry them out with the greatest encouragement that they will be successfully achieved. Bless every idea I have for a better day in my work, in my studies, in my closeness to others.

I ask your forgiveness, Lord, if today I did not behave righteously, hurting my brothers with my mistakes, offending them, or throwing a word that discouraged them during the day. Forgive me, God, for the instability of my emotions, in the case at some point I doubted you and my abilities.

Help me to reach your blessed forgiveness and mercy, so that I can rest calmly, with the awareness that I was enveloped in your grace and that I can have an awakening full of hope and opportunity to improve as a son, father, or brother. I accept my guilt, I accept the mistakes I made. That is why I come before you to be a son again, so as not to remove you from my thoughts again due to the impulses of my feelings.

Have mercy on me, beloved God. I know that you never abandon us and are always waiting to return to your arms like a loving father. With your mercy, I will be able to try once more. I will be able to get up and shake off the dust that stained my soul and do things in a better way.

Thank you, blessed Father, for seeing my spiritual weakness and, despite that, calling me by my name. I know that tomorrow I will have a new day to polish my essence, be with friends, and fulfill what I have promised to improve. Bless the sleep of the people who live in my home and those who are far from me. Join me on this beautiful night from the hand of Jesus, the friend who never fails. Amen.

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