Night Prayer for March 16

Blessed Father, tonight I want to be in your Presence, to glorify you for all the gifts you gave me today. First of all, I thank you for my life, Lord, for my healthy body, because I had the energy that I asked for during the day to carry out the activities that I had entrusted to me. I have the peace of mind to return to my house safe from any harm that may be on the street. I can lie on my bed and turn to You with my prayer. Thank you, God.

Although you no longer have much strength due to the fatigue of the morning shift, I do not want to let this night pass without thanking you, my Lord. Infinite gratitude for the conversations I was able to have with my brothers, for the hugs you gave me through them, and for the fact that I still have a job that I can do with dignity because when I returned home, someone was waiting to hear how it went today.

Above all, I want to praise you, my God, in my exhaustion, so that my heart is encouraged to receive you tonight, and thus, rest calmly. Increase my faith, dear Father, so that I can rest with the full certainty that you are going with me, guiding my thoughts so that they are positive in case tomorrow the difficulty wants to surprise me.

Thank you, merciful Lord, for the good experiences that I had today, which brought light to my soul through smiles and words of encouragement from people I consider, and also from people I don’t know much about, but who let me be surprised by You. I also thank you for the complicated moments that I experienced today, for the prejudiced looks; for the hurtful words or mistreatment that I was able to experience. I know they will teach me to see your strength through them.

Wrap up my life in a bow, Almighty God, I want you to speak to me in my dreams tonight, and I want you to speak to me in them. Don’t let negative thoughts absorb my body anymore. I am already very tired from the routine. Lord, keep away from my well-being the enemy who strives to fall prey to my weaknesses.

Send your Holy Spirit so that I can chase away all evil and be my faithful guardian, please. Activate all my gifts so that I can serve you with all honor and glory tomorrow. I also put in your hands the rest of those who need it more than me, so that they can be heard by You and so they can rest calmly.

Accompany me, beloved God, in the silence of this night, so that my little prayer becomes great before Your eyes. I ask you to grant me your forgiveness, my God, for the indifference that I committed today because perhaps I was not faithful to your precepts and I had bad thoughts towards one of my brothers. Forgive me, Lord. I ask you with an ashamed heart for my faults.

May your mercy be the protagonist of this dark night. Pour all your Grace on me, so I can return to You with much more conviction that tomorrow I have the opportunity to love you as you deserve. Beautiful God, I ask you to be united to the heart of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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