Night prayer for March 17

Precious God, it is already night and I come before You to adore You and thank You for how kind You are to me. Thank you because you have allowed me to return to my house calmly so that I can meet again with my loved ones. Thank you for all the beautiful things that you put in front of me, for all your beautiful creations, and because you allow me to enjoy them.

On this night, at the foot of my bed, I kneel to tell you how much I love you, my Lord. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the day’s experiences; for the good ones that governed each space of my home and allowed me to raise my spirits to carry out my work; and for the not-so-good ones that taught me to be more reliant on you.

In advance, I thank you, my beautiful God, for those moments that I am about to live, if your will allows it, which will become great and beautiful memories that can draw smiles in the soul. Thank you for granting me the joy of being your son and for showing me I am valuable in your eyes.

Thank you because receiving your blessing this day, I tried to live my day as an instrument of your love, as a witness of your Word for all those who incessantly seek you, to sweeten their lives with your Presence.

Today, my God, I want to ask you in a specific way for help with the problem that worries me, for that debt that worries me and puts at risk the economic stability of my family, for that illness that I fight day and night, for all the uncertainty and lack of love that many times wants to discourage my little heart.

You, who know everything good, bad, beautiful, and ugliest about me; do not let despair engulf me; it is for all of this that I place at your feet all those worries that afflict me and do not allow me to sleep peacefully so that you will make them disappear and teach me a positive lesson from them.

So that your grace tonight is the best blanket and your peace the most comfortable pillow to rest on, Oh Almighty Father. Always remind me, Divine Father, that my name and surname are written in the palm of your hand and that, for the rest of my days, you will always accompany me.

Give me one more day of life, Lord. Allow me to correct my mistakes and improve my attitude towards others. Now I am ready to rest, trusting in all the shared promises for tomorrow. You are my rock, Lord. In you, I stand tonight, united to the heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

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