Night prayer for March 18

My wonderful God, with a very exhausted body, I put the forces that I have left tonight into the prayer of my prayer. I want to say good night to you for being pleasant and for making beautiful everything that my senses can contemplate.

The night has come to its place inside my house, and, after this long day, I kneel before you to give thanks for all the moments and experiences that I was able to experience. I ask you to grant me a restful break since I feel very tired and almost without energy because today I had a hard day at work.

Merciful Lord, if this day did not turn out as planned, help me to always be grateful because, despite this, you were on my side. You did everything possible so that I did not let go of your hand, avoiding fainting or letting me fall into any temptation that could harm my integrity.

Thank you, blessed God, because you do not look at my sin, but value all the attempts I make to get up and be better every day. I apologize because during the morning I did not carry out my activities with much encouragement. My precious God, I have felt overwhelmed by the burdens I carry, and sometimes I don’t know how to put them to rest.

My Lord, sometimes I do not fight with all the strength I need; sometimes I don’t know what exactly happens to me. One day I have all the desire to do things with the best spirit, and another day I don’t feel like doing anything.

But despite all this, I am very grateful to you, my God, because, despite the weaknesses that I show with sincerity. You have never judged me, on the contrary, you look at me with compassion and try to show me many things to be able to be better.

Beautiful King of the universe, I thank you because, in the moments that I needed, my family has been able to be present to support and encourage me. Take good care of them because they are the most precious gifts you have given me to accompany my day-to-day.

I ask you to keep my dreams and to repair my heart, so that I can get up more easily when I stumble and so my tired body is relieved with your love, in the name of Jesus, my Savior, Amen.

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