Night Prayer for March 20

Father of mercy, this day is ending, and my heart feels grateful for all the moments lived with my loved ones; without a doubt, I know that every minute lived is a learning for life and a gift of love that you give me daily in your infinite goodness.

I need to thank you for each of the blessings you have showered on me this day, thank you for giving me the strength to face my challenges and accept my trials. You Lord, you are the center of my universe, my peace, and my calm during so many storms, amid so many adversities.

This day you have been by my side, and I have felt your presence in my life, and in my actions, I have tried to follow your holy example, to live your word Dear Father, however, you know that I am not perfect, that every day I make a lot of mistakes and I hurt those I love, including you Lord, but I want to ask your forgiveness tonight, merciful Lord, that you spill your Blessed Blood on me, and help me transform my weaknesses into strengths.

I am grateful Divine Lord because throughout the day I did not need anything essential, I had my family with me and we had food, we had a roof and shelter, all of them, blessings from you, beautiful Father, thank you very much for providing us with everything that we require on this day because you show us that no matter how imperfect we are, You will be here, always ready for our needs.

My dear God, your wisdom is eternal, that is why I leave my rest in your hands because I know that You do not give me what I want, but what I need, and that makes me happy, Lord, because I know that every difficult moment I have lived today, it only helps me to progress and be the son that You want me to be Lord.

This beautiful night, I want to ask you for each of the people around me, that if they are going through a painful moment, you give them comfort, Lord, that if someone has lost a loved one, you give them peace, Lord, if someone cries inconsolably Tonight, be your calm and certainty that everything will be fine, take care of my brothers Lord, please, I ask you.

And that tonight, with my body already exhausted from so many experiences, it is Your will to give me a pleasant rest with my family, that you can give me the joy of dreaming of new days, with new experiences, that tonight, my mind is covered with your grace, so that tomorrow I can better use my skills and talents.

May everything be for the benefit of my neighbor and of You, Beloved Lord, but always do your will. I thank you and ask for all this, in the name of Jesus Christ, Your son, Amen.

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