Night Prayer on March 21

Beloved Father, the night has arrived and I cannot stop thanking you for allowing me to get here, you have allowed me to be with my family, to spend beautiful moments with them, you have allowed me to share the table with each one of them, to enjoy their presence and their love, I am so happy to have them, Merciful God.

The sun is no more, and the moon shines in my room, where I thank you Blessed Father because today I could fulfill my responsibilities because today again you allowed me to have a job and a place to rest after a long day, thank Lord because tonight I can talk to you again from my place.

Lord, tonight I want to give you all my burdens, those that were presented during this day, that somehow make me fearful and lost, I give them to you Father of mercy, because I know that You, relieve the heaviest burdens, it is You, Beloved God, the only one who has the power to lighten my sorrows, to erase my doubts and comfort my ills, give me your hand my God so I do not walk lost in this world.

My God, I owe you everything: every blessing, every word, every comfort, every trial, and every moment of happiness. Father of my love, tonight my soul is full of gratitude, and despite my tired body, I kneel before you to give you my love through my sincere prayer, hoping that you can hear me, Lord.

Heavenly Father, everything that I lived today, every good and bad experience that I faced, serve me as a learning experience and even though at first, I cannot understand the reason for the negative things in my life, I know that you have a purpose for me, that is far beyond my desires or wishes, your plan is perfect Beloved God, and I want to trust You always.

Beloved Lord, tonight, I want to ask you for those lost people, for those who have not yet known you and do not know the grace of living your word, help them, Father of love, so they can open their hearts that are cold for lack of you, help them to let go of the pride that keeps them away from your wise word.

My God, now that the time has come to go to rest, I want to ask you fervently for the homeless, for those who do not have the joy of being able to rest their bodies on a bed, nor can they protect themselves from danger under a roof, I ask you with all my heart for the Holy Father is that, although they remain in cold and lonely places, take care of them, so that nothing bad happens to them tonight and in the nights to come.My body is tired but my soul rejoices to know that tonight my hands can join hands to talk to you and my knees can bend to worship you, every word of my prayer is sincere Lord, and I pray that you may attend to my supplications, putting your will always above all else, I ask all this, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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