Night Prayer for March 22

Beloved Heavenly Father, the night has arrived and I turn to You with humility, to fervently thank You for having given me a day full of joy, because throughout the day You were always by my side and You gave me the joy of being with my family today, whom You also filled with Your spirit, and to whom You gave Your protection.

I thank you, Lord, because today you watched over my safety. Because I am home safe. Thank you, Blessed God, for the fortune of all that I have lived this day. For each experience and for each teaching, because you allowed me to accomplish my goals of the day and to feel fulfilled today.

In that sense, I feel so grateful to you, Father, because you do not forsake me, and in spite of my continuous mistakes, you are always ready to help me. Thank you, Lord, because you keep my family under your Sacred Mantle, because you give them your unconditional love and your protection, and you kept them safe throughout the day and returned them safely to my home.

Father, I will be eternally grateful because you gave me the fortune of having a job because I can bring food to my home because I can give them clothes, and most importantly because I can give them love. Thank you, my God, for each of the people who love me, for all your support and affection.

On this night, Lord, I thank you for each of the trials today that strengthened my faith and kept me from fainting. Thank you because you taught me to be persistent, to be just and honest. Even though the trials were hard, and I felt fear at times, you taught me to trust you and you kept me with love. You whispered to me your wonderful plan and that brought me out of the darkness today.

Keep me away from temptation. Lord, may evil judgment not enter my mind where only You should dwell; may evil not take hold of me when I am in pain; may doubt and distrust be foreign to me; and above all, my Lord, may Your Holy Spirit never leave my side, especially on this night when I need you so much.

I ask you with fervor, Lord, that you keep me firm, always sustained by Your Holy Word, so that all that I have lived today may serve me as experience tomorrow, that I may keep the good moments in my memories forever, and that I may never move away from you, Lord.

Beautiful Creator, I ask you with unwavering faith, that if it is your will allow me to enjoy a new day tomorrow, together with all those I love, that you allow us to be united in your Holy name, that you give us the fortune to enjoy your creation one more day, and that tonight you grant us the rest that our body needs, but always that you will be done Father, in the name of our Sacred Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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