Night Prayer for March 23

Blessed and loving God, tonight I thank you with all my love for all your blessings. I know that you are always present in my life, and today was no different. You have not left me at any time. I could feel your Holy Spirit in the embrace of my mother, in the words of a friend, in the smile of a child, I could see you reflected in the eyes of a beggar and in the kindness of the people who support him.

Thank you, my God, because tonight I have a place to go, because one of your many blessings today was that I could be free from the dangers of the streets, and I thank you enormously, Lord. I cannot but be grateful for your infinite mercy towards me and mine, which is renewed every day.

You do not forget me. Despite my mistakes, despite my falls, you have not failed to lift me from the deepest ground. You have been there for me today, and you gave me the answers to so many questions Lord, today you have loved me every day. You forget my past and you recognize me as your son daily, giving me your blessings that are countless my Lord.

I know that my problems are not alien to you Lord, I know that you are always ready to my pleas and my longings, I know that today you listened to me while I prayed in my most difficult moments, I could feel your Holy Spirit whispering to me that everything would be all right, that I should be patient, you are not an indifferent Father, you did not abandon me at any moment of the day, and for that, I thank you, my God.

Tonight I place in your hands all my sorrows, my fears, and problems, so that you may grant me if it is your will, rest for my tired body and soul, O Lord. I ask you, Holy God, that today I may fall asleep and renew my energies so that tomorrow may be a day of profit for me and my loved ones.

I pray to you, Beloved Father, that tonight you protect those who sleep in the streets, those who have to work without ceasing, those who desperately seek you but are unable to find you because they are not able to let go of their pride and admit that they need you. Protect my brothers, those who are being hurt, those who are estranged from their families, those who suffer the loss of a loved one, those who cannot find rest. I ask you for each one of them, my God. Take care of them, protect them, and guide them.

This cold night, I desire that you take my life and turn it into an instrument of hope and faith in your hands. I ask you to help me to stand firm in your word and your teachings. Lord, I surrender myself to you with total confidence that my life will be more pleasant if I go by your hand. I ask you to please allow me to be part of your beautiful plan.

If it is your will, allow me to have a night of rest and peace. Allow my family, friends, and those around me to get the rest that their body and soul need, always hoping in you and your sacred will, my Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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