Night Prayer for March 25

My Father, God of love, tonight I leave in your hands all my problems, my decisions, and the care of my family, as well as the care of my life, because only under your mantle can we be safe. Today you put me through tests, and although they were difficult, I know you were with me in all of them, giving me strength and blessings, because I believe in you and your infinite love for me.

Holy Father, I need you tonight. I need your embrace to give me rest tonight. for me and for those I love. Give me a sign that you are by my side, my Lord, and let me know that you hear me, relieve my suffering, and do not let me faint in the face of adversity.

I ask you please to clarify my mind and my heart so that doubt does not enter my thoughts and that resentment is uprooted by your blessed Spirit. I ask you, beloved Father, to illuminate my steps, my life, and to take me to you, Lord.

Give me wisdom so that tomorrow I may discern good from evil, keep me from danger and help me make good decisions in the days to come. I want to be a person of good and give my hand to others, preach and give testimony of my faith to you.

I want to change lives. I want to take your word to the farthest corners of the country. I want every soul to rejoice to know you. I want every glance to shine at the pronouncement of your holy name, and may you, forever Lord, sustain me as your servant.

Before going to sleep, Blessed Lord, I want to thank you for all the blessings I received today; for the food, for the clothes, for the roof, for the home, for my family, because today I was able to meet their needs and mine. Thank you, God, for giving me one more day of life to enjoy all that you have done for me.

I know that every day that the future holds for me will be better for me because you are with me, and if you are by my side, nothing can be against me. My Lord, may this night be of much calm and tranquility so that my mind does not worry about what will come tomorrow and only concentrates on resting.

I ask you, from my heart, my Lord, that you allow me to go to bed well, that you do not allow nightmares to ruin my sleep, and that you may give me a pleasant rest, so that my tired body may have its reward. I always hope that it is your will that is present, not my desires. Amen. In the name of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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