Night Prayer for March 26

Beloved Heavenly Father, the night has arrived and I feel so happy to have enjoyed my family, to have seen the sun in the morning, to have a job that supports my family, and that we never lack bread on the table.

I am so thankful, Beloved Lord, for the beautiful moments that I have lived today and also for the bad ones because I learn from them. I am thankful for hearing my mother’s voice every day and for having a home and a bed, to which I come to rest.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for being with me at all times, for taking care of me, for protecting me, for blessing me, for supporting me in my struggles and giving me the victory over my enemies, who want to see me fall, but they do not know, Lord, that you are my strong rock, and that, at your side, defeat does not exist.

I entrust my life and the lives of my precious family to you, Lord, so that you may enlighten us day by day and fulfill your will, because I fully believe in you and long for the light of your Gospel to guide us through the darkness.

My tomorrow will be a new day and it will be full of activities, work, and blessings, so I ask you to bless me tonight, Holy Father, to make good decisions and do the right things. My present and my future are in your hands, Eternal Father. I give everything to you.

I ask you, loving God, knowing that you answer my prayers, that tonight you stay by my side and shelter me in your embrace, that I become a child in your lap while your love repairs my tired body and exhausted soul. I want nothing but you, my Lord, for you alone are the truth and the life.

With you by my side, I feel confident and secure. Fill me with your love and your strength to begin tomorrow with all the courage I can possess and to be able to face my demons, Father, so that I may overcome my temptations and my innermost sins. I am happy to be your child, Lord.

I ask for nothing but protection, Beloved Lord, that you may give me the joy to go to bed today and wake up tomorrow with my family, who are what I love most in life. I beg you to give ear to my supplications. All this I leave in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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