Night Prayer for March 27

My beloved Lord, another day is ending. My heart is filled with love for you and I ask you, my Father, to keep me under your love, with your great mercy, that you may grant me the peace my soul needs and that in sleep I may be able to hear your voice and the impressions of your Holy Spirit.

May all my energies be renewed tonight. May my bed become like a bed of clouds so that I may fall into holy rest. Please enlighten my path with your light tonight, so that I may not walk in darkness but may cling tightly to your hand, my God.

Lord, please do not allow hatred, resentment, and the monotony of everyday life to fill my soul with bitterness.

Thank you for all the love I received today from my family, friends, and you, blessed Father; thank you for watching over our actions, which are often not the right ones, but I try to give my best every day.

Let me stay with you this long night and please heal my afflictions. Forgive my sins, Lord. Do not leave me in remorse. Let my soul be healed, and let me repent from my heart for all that I have done wrong today.

Do not let my thoughts be occupied with the problems of tomorrow, and give me the peace of mind I need tonight to fall asleep and recover the energy I have spent. Do not consider or take into account the mistakes I made and give me the joy of being able to rest in grace.

I ask you to become master of my mind and my thoughts so that they do not turn against me, to give me the tranquility I need to rest fully, wrap me in your serenity, give me dreams of peace and please protect my home and those who live in it. I ask My Lord to remove all danger around me.

I pray, Lord Beloved, do not allow evil to harm those I love and those who are innocent. Do not let evil reign. Give us all a good night’s sleep tonight, but always Father, may your will be done over all our desires. I ask all this, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer, Amen.

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