Night Prayer for March 28

Another day is gone, and I cannot help but thank you for allowing me to arrive safely with my family at the end of the day. Thank you, my beloved father, because you have carried me by your hand throughout the day, and because my faith is strengthened by your constant support.

Thank you, my God, because the bread was on my table today, my family did not perish, and my friends were blessed; I thank you so much, Father because you have taken care of me throughout the night, watching over my dreams and the dreams of those I love; you do not leave us for a second, and that strengthens my trust in you, Eternal Father.

I am grateful to you, Lord, because this day has been of benefit. Today I was able to fulfill my goals and I was able to help others. Thank you for giving me my arms and legs. Today was of great help to giving a hand to the fallen.

Blessed Lord, your trials make me strong, your warmth makes me more human and your forgiveness takes away the rancor from my soul. You have always loved and protected me, Holy God. I have no reproach because you are a true father and because you take me daily on the path of your truth, which is the absolute truth.

Tonight, Lord, I beseech you to cover my dreams with your sacred mantle, so that the fear of failure that often haunts me may disappear, and only the confidence to fulfill my goals on a new day may remain in me.

I ask you with fervor, Holy Father, to take care tonight of those who have nowhere to shelter their dreams. I ask you to protect them, especially those who cannot defend themselves from evil. Protect the children, the women, the elderly, and the men who suffer persecution, who suffer in their flesh the pain that the streets produce.

I beseech you, my Lord, that tonight, my brothers may enjoy rest, that their bodies may obtain the rest they need, and that your Holy Spirit may accompany us all, so that you may guide our dreams towards you, so that no one may be lost in evil thoughts, Oh Holy Father.I am always ready for your will. My God, there is nothing I can desire more than your love, and that is why I wait patiently for your answer to my prayers, always hoping for the best for me and my brothers. I love you with all my heart, Eternal Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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