Night Prayer for March 29

My Heavenly Father, today has been a day full of blessings for me. Today you have poured your blessed blood over my family, and you have granted them complete protection to be able to arrive at the end of the day safe and sound.

I thank you, my Lord, for giving us the joy of living your gospel and the ability to share your word of life with our brothers; you have given us the faculties to exalt your kingdom, and today I thank you for giving me the fortune to know you and your wonderful plan for me.

I am so grateful to you, because besides being my father, you are a faithful friend, to whom I can go when I have problems or sorrows, and you are the one who gives me comfort. To you, I can find succor when no one else seems to understand me, but you, my God, already know the longings of my heart before I reveal them to you, and you understand me, and you give me your support.

Blessed Father, I renew my gratitude to you by beseeching you for the health of my family by placing their lives in your hands so that they may obtain the joy of our Heavenly Father and may reach the daily fullness of their faculties under the sacred doctrine of which you are the great teacher.

Keep our children safe from the evil one, and don’t let their hearts be clouded with grief.

Blessed and loving God, I ask you with much humility that, if it is your decision, you may give me today the rest I need, that my mind is not filled with worries when I go to sleep, that everything that afflicts my soul is set aside for tonight.

And may you take care of me, Lord. May my earthly affairs be kept in order while I rest, and tomorrow, when I receive the new day that you have prepared for me, may I be ready to face my trials and challenges with zeal and fervor, because I know that I enjoy your care and I know that of all your creation, I am what you love the most.

I hope that you will always be done, Lord, for your wisdom is infinite, and my desires are nothing compared to your great plans. I pray, Lord, take me into account tonight, and take care of my loved ones, in the name of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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