Night Prayer for March 30

Beloved Heavenly Father, it is time to rest. My body is tired and my soul needs to recover its vigor. It has been a day full of experiences, full of burdens and sorrows, but also, Lord, it has been a day full of blessings, where even though sadness and worry peeked a couple of times, my faith was much stronger than all the negative things put together.

And it is all thanks to you, my blessed Lord, who has taught me daily to be able to face my fears with courage and steadfastness because you have not let me faint when in my darkest days.

You have taught me so much, beloved Father, and above all, you have given me valuable reasons to keep on fighting. You have given me a family, Lord, whom I love with all my heart; you have given me a roof and a shelter to protect me from the rainy days or simply to rest; you have given me a job, from which I can obtain income and give sustenance to my family.

You have given me numerous talents, which I can invest in doing good for others. You have given me parents, who have formed me in the best way. You have given me children, to whom I can offer my knowledge through my love for them.

You have given me the ability to discern between good and evil, but above all, Lord, you have given me my agency, which lets me know that I am and remain by your side, out of pure love and devotion, that nothing forces me to love you, that every good thing I do is because I want to do good to others.

Because you have taught me about gratitude and love for others Father, and I will not fail you, I want to be a beacon of light for my brothers, and I only ask that you continue to give me life, to continue to magnify your name.

There is nothing that cannot be achieved in your name. My faith in you is unshakable, and that is why I ask you, my God, to take care of my brothers and sisters, to allow us to stay united and always ready to help because service to others is one of the greatest proofs of true love.

I hope your will resembles my desires, Lord, and if not, I will gratefully accept your blessings with all my love, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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