Night Prayer for March 31

The day is coming to an end and the sun is already setting to reveal a resplendent moon in the distance in the sky, while my heart is overflowing with happiness, knowing that you have remained by my side and have not let go of my hand even in the worst of times.

I am so blessed, Father, to be able to kneel every night and give thanks for each of the wonders that in your infinite goodness you have created for me and my brothers so that we can enjoy them to the fullest and be more grateful every day.

I am very happy tonight, Father, because despite so many ups and downs, I was able to get through the night well, and similarly, my loved ones, I am indebted to you, Eternal Father, because there is no way to compensate you for so much attention, blessings, and protection. I don’t want to become mundane, Lord; let me always be a part of your family and your life plan. Fill my soul with your sacred scriptures and reveal your wonderful plan to me so that I can be ready for what you require of me.

I am grateful to you, Beautiful Father, because you have given me today the joy of having sustenance, of being able to count on people I love and who love me, because you have never left me in darkness and because you always answer each one of my prayers.

I feel safe if I am by your side, Lord. I feel free from all the chains of this world. I do not want to be one more person who is lost among so many sins, among so many faults. I want to always be holding your hand, very strong because the happiness of my life depends on it.

I want to be a witness to your immense goodness, Father. I want people to see your face in me. I want to help others to reach you. I want everyone to know that nothing is lost if they are holding your hand, because you are forgiveness, life, and eternity, and nothing can be against you.

I want to ask you, beloved Father, for those misguided souls who have strayed from your presence, who pretend not to need you, but in truth, there is no moment in which your memory does not come to their mind because they know that only with you they will find peace, calm, and comfort. Help them to return to your flock, pious Lord.

Take care of me. Because the evil one is waiting for someone to stumble to make him his prey, I beg you, Father, strengthen my spirit, that I may be able to say no and defend the existence of your Holy Spirit, who daily takes care of and protects me; I ask you, Beloved Lord, do not forget me, that tonight I may sleep peacefully and that I may not lose faith, no matter how difficult life may become at times; give me your hand, Divine Lord, and may your will be done.

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