Night Prayer for April 1

Almighty God, I want to thank you tonight for allowing me to add another day to my life so that I can share it with my family that I love so much. Another day that I can serve you and make amends for my mistakes. Another day that allows me to advocate my testimony and continue to be faithful to you.

I also want to thank you, Father, for all the good things that happened to me today, for everything that came my way and for the people who were kind to me. I also want to thank you, Lord, for allowing me to enjoy all of this, and although there were people who hurt me, I hold no grudge against them, for you have taught me to forgive. You forgive my sins, and I forgive the people who have sinned against me, Lord. 

Likewise, I pray that you allow us to turn in and rest and enjoy this night. I also pray, eternal God, that you forgive me for my mistakes. I know I make many mistakes, Lord, although I try my best.

I am very grateful to you, Father, so before I close my eyes, I want to say that I want to serve you better tomorrow than I did today. I want to proclaim your word and be a faithful servant who guides people to your presence. I know that with you at my side everything is for the best and everything is possible, Father.

I want to praise you with my voice tonight and seek you in my prayers. I do not get tired of kneeling, and my faith is alive. I pray that you lie down at my side, Lord. Please bless me with your warmth as I can curl up under your sacred robe, eternal Father.

All the glory be to you, God. Glory be to your name and son Jesus Christ, my Lord. Your presence is alive in me and in all things, Lord. You are the source of my life, the light, star, and protector. Do not depart from my side, Holy Father. Do not abandon me, and please protect my brethren and me.

May I be able to rest tonight, for it has been a tiresome day, and my soul needs shelter in the same way that one does when rain is pouring down. Please hold me in your arms, Father, and may I enjoy your will and everything you provide me with once more. All of this, I pray lovingly, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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