Night Prayer for April 2

Kind Father, I pray that you do not abandon me tonight, because without You I will not be able to rest. Please watch over my dreams and free me from wickedness and doom, for I do not want to be mislaid nor get lost in the darkness.

Lord, tonight as on previous nights, I want to thank you for the love and protection I have felt throughout the day. Thank you for all your blessings, for feeding me, and for not forgetting or abandoning me. I have witnessed so many of your blessings, Father. You do not allow me to fall, and you always make me feel happy at your side.

God and Father of us all, I pray for evil to depart from my home and for your light to guide us, shine on heaven and on earth, and on the heart of all my brethren. I want you to shine like a lighthouse does to avoid vessels from crashing. Likewise, I pray that you guide me, Lord.

Merciful God, I pray for your love to take hold of my soul and that you remain in my heart and life forever. I trust You and believe in You, for you grant me the peace I need every day and the rest I need after a very long day.

I invite you, Lord, to be a guest at home and for you to move around the house, to seal your presence in every space, room, and area of the house, for we adore you Lord, our God, and Redeemer.

I seek you in my prayers because I know that you answer them. I know that you pay attention to me, that you take hold of my hand and guide me towards you. I want to walk with you every sunrise, Lord, and although it may seem unlikely, I want to come before you tonight and repent, so that you can cover me with your love and compassion.

I wish for my prayers to be heard, God. Although I do not deserve you or your love, I trust your power and know that you will answer my prayers, for I am being sincere and have opened my heart to You.

I want to finish by thanking you, kind Lord, for the life of each member of my family and because we are healthy. I want to thank you because you show us how much you love us with your many gifts as the sun shines down on us. I love you, blessed Lord, and pray that my prayers will reach you in heaven, and await your will to be carried out, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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