Night Prayer for April 3

Blessed Lord, this day has come to an end, and I want to speak to you with a grateful heart. My heart wishes to thank you for every one of your blessings, God. Thank you for the gift of this day. Father, I thank you because I can be with my family once again, share awesome moments with them, and strengthen the bond and trust between us.

Thank you, Lord, because, throughout the day, I’ve had to face different trials and challenges which strengthen my faith and make me believe more in you. The fact that I can rely on you always makes me feel that I am loved and that You are a true friend.

I am ever so thankful for your love and the love you give the people who are dear to me. You protected us throughout this day and kept us safe and out of danger, and now, thanks to You, were have arrived safely home and can praise your name, dear God.

Thank you, Almighty God, because I was able to help people around me, and although I may not have met their expectations, I gave the best of myself. I know that If I try hard enough, I will excel.

Lord, after a stressful day, my body feels tired, and I need to rest. I pray that you will provide me with what my body needs so that tonight I may rest and feel energetic and enthusiastic, to keep improving.

Father, I pray that I may be able to stop worrying, so that I can rest and sleep, and be fully prepared to start a new day, to continue doing the things that are to your liking, Lord.

I pray that you will help me to clear the doubt that I have and also to restore my faith, dear God. Many situations troubled me throughout the day, but I know that You will help me to understand, dispel my fears, and help me to be strong again. I pray that this may come about, Father, because I need your strength, love, and compassion.I pray that I will be able to sleep, recover from the loss of energy, and think positively to face the day of tomorrow. I pray, merciful Lord, that if it is your will, I may see my family once again. Please take care of them and bless them during the night. Free us from evil, Lord, and that everything may be carried out according to your will, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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