Night Prayer for April 3

My blessed Lord, the day has come to an end and with much gratitude, I prepare to speak to you, with a humble heart and willing to give thanks for each of your blessings, my God. Thank you for giving me one more day in this world. I thank you, heavenly Father, for allowing me to be with my family today and share beautiful moments with them, allowing me to strengthen my bonds of love and trust with them.

Thank you, Lord, because throughout the day I have had trials and challenges that have strengthened my faith and made me believe even more in you. Knowing that I can count on you at all times or circumstances makes me feel that I am a beloved child and that you, my beautiful father, are unconditional.

I am so grateful for the love you gave me, not only to me but also to those I love, for you have protected us all day long. You have kept us from the danger and evil that surrounds this society, and now, thanks to you, we are all at home, ready to worship your name, my God.

Thank you, because today I was able to accomplish my goals for the day. I was able to do my chores at home and work. Thank you, my Almighty God, because today I was able to be of much help in my environment, and although perhaps I did not exceed expectations in some things, I gave the best of myself and I know that with the effort I will be able to achieve success.

Tonight, blessed Lord, after an arduous day, my body is tired and needs to rest. I beg you to give me what my body needs so that tonight the energy returns and the courage to continue improving as well.

I ask you, Holy Father, that tonight the daily worries are put aside from my mind, so I can fall asleep and have a restful night. This way, my body will be ready at dawn to continue doing the things that please you, Lord.

I want tonight, beautiful God, that my doubts are cleared and my faith is restored because throughout the day there were situations that disturbed my mind, but I know that, in you, all doubt will dissipate, all fear will vanish, and you will make me strong again. I pray that it will be so, Father, for I need your strength, I need your love and understanding.

May the night bring back the energy I lost this day. May I be able to fall asleep and bring to my mind positive thoughts for tomorrow. Amen, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Merciful.

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