Night Prayer for April 4

Tonight I prepare to pray with a broken heart and a tired body from so many experiences I had today. However, Lord, I do not want to lose the opportunity to talk to you and express my feelings and concerns. So tonight I kneel before you, God of mercy, knowing that you can hear me.

Dear Father, I thank you that all day long you have been with me. You have allowed me to reach the night with physical and mental well-being. You have not let anything affect my health, and you have kept me healthy throughout the day, full of life and energy.

I thank you infinitely, Lord because on this day you allowed me to enjoy my family. You gave me the joy of seeing their beautiful smiles and being able to hold them in my arms. Thank you, kind father, because today I was able to enjoy with them the food that you provide us and that we have not lacked until today. Thank you, my Lord, for the blessing of being part of this family, which, although not perfect, always remains united in your name.

Thank you, my incomparable God, because this has been a day full of experiences, I have been able to perform each of my duties as a father, as a son, as a friend, as a brother; I have been able to offer my help to others and I have been able to enrich my soul thanks to your Sacred Word and example, Lord.

I thank you, blessed God because when the night comes, we do not have to suffer from hunger or cold. Thank you, because it is your will that tonight we can be safe under your protection because you allow us to have this bed where we can rest our bodies and you give us the fortune of being able to be all together and ready to rest.

I beseech you, eternal God, you who alone can perform miracles, for those who are sick, for those who can’t sleep because of so many ailments; I beseech you, if it is your holy will, to heal them or give them the strength to endure each stage of their illness.

My God, I ask you to cover with your sacred mantle those who are on the streets, those who have nowhere to spend the night and are exposed to all evils. I ask you for them, Father, do not forget them. May your holy protection keeps them away from those who seek to harm them.

My beloved Father, tonight, I beseech you that I may fall asleep, that I may put aside all my worries and may dispose my body and mind to a restful rest. I beseech you, my Lord, during the night, be my protection, take care of me, and guide me in my dreams so that I may be a good man, pleasing to you, beloved Father, always hoping that you will give ear to my prayers and that, above all, your will be done in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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