Night Prayer for April 5

Father of all, as the night has come, my body is tired but my soul only wants to thank you. That is why I kneel before you, my Lord, so I can thank you for all the blessings that you shower on me and my family every day.

I am grateful to have you in my life because you have done nothing but pour out your blessings on me and those I love the most since I met you Father and accepted your Word of life; you give me so much beauty, Lord, that your infinite love and understanding have become the engines in the boat of my life.

I feel happy because this day was arduous but very comforting. I was able to have my family with me, and I was able to give them the best of me. This day, Lord, you have blessed me with their presence and allowed me to be a better person for them and you, for even though I am not perfect, I strive for it every day.

Thank you, Most High Lord, for giving me the opportunity tonight to do a self-examination and identify my weaknesses, so that tomorrow, if you will it, I can begin again and turn into strength everything that weakens me and keeps me away from Your Sacred presence, from which I do not want to depart.

I thank you, my Lord, because tonight I will be able to enjoy a warm bed and a roof that will protect me from the inclemency of the weather. Thank you for the shelter of your protection, for the food that I did not lack throughout the day, for the intellect at the time of developing my activities, for the talents that you gave me and that I have been improving, because in this way I can be a help to my family and serve you, my sweet and good Lord.

I beseech you, my Lord, do not let evil stalk my home; keep us safe under your mantle; do not let the evil one disturb our peace; and above all, beloved Father, keep us safe from anyone who wishes to harm us and separate us from you.

My beautiful God, I ask you tonight to forgive my offenses. Forgive me, Lord, if I have failed you, if I have offended you, or if I have offended my brothers, forgive me my impulses, my bad treatments, please forgive me Father if I have been proud, or if I have felt more than my brothers; I am not perfect, My God, but I am sorry for my mistakes.

I am now ready to rest. I ask for your protection, Lord, because no one can give me the peace that your company gives me. I beg you tonight to take care of us and give us a pleasant rest. I ask all this, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, our only Savior. Amen.

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