Night Prayer for April 5

Our Father, night has arrived, and though my body feels tired, my soul wants to thank you, that is why I kneel before you, Lord, and show my gratitude for the blessings you give my family and me.

I am thankful that you are in my life because since I met you Father and accepted your Word of Life, you have continually blessed me, and my loved ones. You have given me so much, Lord. Your empathy has become the motor that steers my life.

I feel both happy and well, although the day was stressful. I had my family with me, and I was able to offer them the best of myself. You have blessed me with your presence on this day. Helped me to be a better person to them and also to You, and although I am not perfect, I strive to become a better person every day.

Lord, thank you because I can self-examine myself and see the weakness I have. This helps me to make a fresh start tomorrow, and change everything that makes me weak or draws me away from you into a stronghold that I wish to keep.

I want to thank you, Lord, that I can enjoy a warm bed and a roof over my head tonight. Thank you for providing us with shelter, food, and the intelligence to carry out our tasks. Thank you for the skills you have given me, which I try to enhance to be of help to my family and to serve You, kind Lord.

I fervently beg you, my Lord, that you will not allow for evil to forsake my home and that we will keep us safe under your robe. Please do not allow evil to disrupt our peace and above all, Father, protect us from anyone who wants to harm us our separate us from You.

Kind Lord, please forgive my offenses. Please forgive me If I have failed you today. If I have offended my brethren, please forgive my impulse and ill-treatment. Please forgive me for being arrogant, proud, or feel more important than my brethren, for I am not perfect, and I repent, Lord.  

I am ready to turn in and rest, please protect me, Lord. Only you can offer me the peace that I enjoy.  I pray that you will take care of us tonight and help my dear ones and me to rest.  I pray, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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