Night Prayer for April 6

Almighty God, the night has arrived, and I prepare to pray, to reveal to you the deepest desires of my heart, and to thank you for all of your blessings in my life.

And I am so grateful, Father, because you kept me and my loved ones safe today, keeping us under your protective mantle, and it is because of this that I am here tonight on my knees before you, thanking you for all your love and protection.

I am happy, God of goodness, because tonight I can rest under a safe roof, next to my family, because I can take shelter in this bed and cover my body from the cold of the street. Thank you, Father, because you have not forsaken me, because each one of the members of my family is healthy tonight.

I thank you, my Lord because throughout the day you kept me strong with your hand and helped me to make the right decisions. The day was long and tedious, but your Holy Spirit did not let me fall into laziness. You gave me courage and strength to fulfill my duties, you gave me peace when the enemy wanted to disturb my mind, and you gave me the ability to forgive when others hurt me. I thank you, my Lord.

May tonight be a night of peace. May I close my eyes quickly and enjoy a peaceful sleep. May I forget for tonight the worries that torment me and the doubts that do not stop spinning in my head.

I ask you, my God, that tonight you can remove all evil from my home, that the enemy does not disturb the peace of my family, that we can rest easy, knowing that you protect us. Please, Lord, may your sacred mantle keep us safe.

My beloved Father, tonight I want to ask you for those who are alone. Give them your company, Lord, may your Spirit invade their hearts so that the cold does not take hold of them. Help them, Lord, to move forward. Even though they feel that no one is physical with them, they may be able to feel your immense love.

Help me, merciful Lord, to be a good man, that tonight my thoughts may turn to You and, if it is Your holy will, Lord, that I may wake up tomorrow at dawn to worship You one more day, so that I may be able to support others and share your beautiful word with them. will be done, my God, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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