Night Prayer for April 6

Almighty God, I kneel before you on this night and pray to disclose the deep feelings in my heart and to thank you for each one of your blessings.

I am grateful, Father, because you have kept my family and me safe under your robe on this day, and I thank you for that. I am on my knees tonight to thank you for your love and protection.

I am happy, kind Lord, because I can rest together with my family under a safe roof and protect ourselves from the cold. Thank you, Father, because you never abandon me and because each member of my family is safe at home tonight.

I thank you because you held my hand throughout the day, and you helped me to make the right decisions, Lord. The day was long and tiresome, but your Holy Spirit never allowed me to be lazy. You gave me the enthusiasm and strength to carry out my tasks. You gave me peace when my enemy wanted to disrupt my mind, and you gave me the ability to forgive the folks that hurt me, and for all that, I am grateful, Lord.

I pray that this may be a peaceful night and that I may be able to close my eyes and enjoy a restful sleep. Please help me to leave the worries that torment me and all the doubts that keep circling in my head, aside.

I beg you, Lord, to please free my home from evil and free my family from the enemy’s grip. May we be able to rest knowing that you protect us and that your sacred robe to keeps us safe.

Kind Father, I want to pray tonight for all the folks that are alone. I pray that you keep them company, Lord. May your Spirit fill their hearts, and may they not feel cold. Help them, Lord, to move forward, and even when there is nobody physically there with them, may they still feel your love.

Please help me, merciful Lord, to be an honest person and for my thoughts to be taken up only by You. If it is your will, Lord, I pray you to help me to wake up tomorrow and praise you once more. Please help me to help others and share your Word with them. I pray for your will to be done God, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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