Night Prayer for April 7

Kind Father, I want to bow my head and thank you for blessings, for both my loved ones and me. I am about to confess my most intimate desires, the ones my heart zealously keeps, Lord.

As I look at the moon, I want to thank you, Lord, for the light, for the stars that guide me and motivate me. Thank you for both day and night, and the possibility of being able to carry out my daily tasks.

I thank you, Lord because you looked after me throughout the day and provided me with everything I needed. You provided me with the strength to face my trials, enthusiasm to carry out difficult tasks, patience to deal with the people who trouble my mind, and faith to be able to hold firmly on to your principles and not lose heart.

I thank you, kind Father because my family and I enjoy good health. You kept us healthy and nourished our soul with your Holy Word today. You allowed us to pursue our goals, and we are grateful, Lord.

I pray tonight, Lord, for all the people who had a bad day so that tonight you may wash away their sorrow, and that tomorrow will be a better day for them. I pray, Father, for them not to be alone and that you help them to forget and forgive, and I ask the very same for myself, Lord.

Help me, Lord, to learn from every difficult situation, test, and challenge I have to go through today. Help me to see the best of every situation and that I may not be subject to hate or grudge, and that I may be loving and forgiving to my brethren.

Please help me to forgive myself for the things I was not able to do correctly, and for my failures. Please help me, merciful Redeemer, to forgive myself, and I pray that you also forgive me if I have failed, Lord.

I beg you, eternal God, to protect me tonight and to bless my brethren, above all, the ones who have turned away from You and turned away from your path. May they return to You and find happiness. I pray, Lord, to protect us and keep us safe from all evil. I believe in your holy will, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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