Night Prayer for April 7

Father of Divine Goodness, tonight I want to bow at your feet and thank you for all the blessings that you let fall on me and my loved ones. I am ready, Father, with all sincerity to confess to you my innermost desires, those that my heart jealously guards only for you, Lord.

With the moon over my pupils, I want to thank you, Lord, for its light, for allowing your stars to guide me, to motivate me, and thank you for the blessing of having day and night to be able to carry out my different daily activities.

Thank you, Lord, for your care and provision throughout the day: you gave me strength to face my challenges, courage to proceed with the heavy tasks, patience with those who disturb my mind, and faith to stick to my principles and not waver.

I thank you, beloved Father because my family and I are in good health today. You kept us healthy and fed our souls with your Holy Words. You have allowed us to achieve our goals for the day and we are grateful.

I ask you tonight, Holy God, for those people who had a bad day, so that the night may dissolve their sadness and tomorrow may be a new day for them. I ask you, beloved Father, not to leave them alone, to allow them to forgive and forget. Likewise, me, Lord.

Help me, Lord, so that every difficult situation of today, every test and challenge, becomes an experience and learning. Help me to rescue the best of every situation, that hatred and rancor do not cloud me, and that I can look at my brothers with kindness and forgiveness.

Help me to forgive myself for those things that I cannot do well, for those things in which I have failed. Help me, merciful Redeemer, to forgive my failures, and forgive me too, my God, if today I have failed you.

I beseech you, eternal God, to protect me on this blessed night, to bless all my brothers and sisters, especially those who have strayed from you, those who have strayed from your path, Lord, so that they may return to you and find true happiness. I pray to you, Lord, that tonight you may give us your protection and keep us safe from all evil. I believe and hope in your holy will, Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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