Night Prayer for April 8

My Holy Father, the day is over and my tired body kneels before you so that I may thank you for each of the wonderful blessings you have given me and be able to ask you, with great faith, my Lord, for the noblest desires of my heart.

I have gone through many moments today, Lord. Some were pleasant, others not so much, but in all of them, I learned. I learned from each of my experiences, but above all, I always kept you in my thoughts, because you are the center of my life, Father.

I thank you for every blessing received today, for every gesture of kindness you have shown to me and to those I love the most. Thank you for giving us your love and for giving us the ability to achieve our goals. Thank you for your favor today, Lord, because, despite adversity, I was able to maintain a positive attitude; thank you for your creations, my eternal God.

I am grateful to you, Father, because tonight I can kneel under my roof to talk to you; because tonight I will be able to sleep on a bed; because the food was not lacking this day, and because you allow us to get the material things that are essential to living.

I pray to you, my Lord, that tonight you bring calm to all the homes of this world so that during the night they may achieve the tranquility that worldly worries rob them of, and I pray to you, my Lord, for the children of this world who are the most vulnerable and who cannot defend themselves from the enemy.

My dear Redeemer, you who are the salvation of this world, allow my brothers and sisters to find you through their challenges or trials. Help them to find the way to you, for they need you but do not know how to find you. I ask you to guide them to you, my Lord.

May I get the rest my body needs and may I recharge the energy I lost during the whole day. May I have pleasant dreams and may all my worries be put aside and may I only think of my rest.

Almighty God, I fervently ask you to protect us. There is so much evil in this world. My Lord, I don’t want that evil to disturb my home and the enemy to stay out of it. Help us to keep us alert and, above all, protect us. Divine Mantle, cover my house and all those who inhabit it. I hope you will be done, my Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Amen.

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