Night Prayer for April 9

My Lord, you who are the source of my rest and tranquility, I thank you for all that you gave me, for all that you allowed this day, because today has been a day full of experiences and because in every moment I felt your presence, Father.

It’s been a long day, my Lord, where I’ve struggled to stand firm, to please you, my Father, and I’m grateful to you because I haven’t been alone; you’ve helped me choose the right thing when doubt overwhelmed my being.

Thank you for all this day Father, you have allowed me to enjoy my family once again, to embrace them, and give me the joy of enjoying their presence, thank my God, because, during the day, we did not lack anything, you kept us in your lap and you provided us with everything our bodies and souls needed, for which I am very grateful to you.

Now that we are getting ready to rest, I want to thank you, Lord, of my life, because you gave us the fortune of having a roof over our heads because you allowed us the fortune of having the material means to be able to rest, and above all, because you have allowed us to get here, you have allowed us to stay together, my Lord.

I would like to ask you, Father, with much humility, that tonight, pour over me and those I love the most, your blessings, that you cover us with your Blessed Blood, so that evil does not affect us tonight, so that nothing can disturb our sleep and that our body gets the reinforcements it needs so that tomorrow I can be able to perform each one of my activities.

My Loving God, tonight there are many of my brothers in the streets who do not have a roof to protect them or bread to put in their mouths. I pray for them, my Lord, because they need you, they need your strength, so they do not give up. Help them, Father, to be brave, to persevere, do not leave them alone.

At the same time, Heavenly King, tonight I also want to ask you to bless those who have to spend the night in hospital beds. Give them your comfort, my Lord. May the anguish that reigns in their hearts be dispelled, at least for tonight. May they be able to fall asleep, so they can continue to be strong and successfully go through all their trials.

Please, God of my life, let the enemy stay away from the children tonight. Do not allow anyone to harm them. Pour your blessed blood over them, so that nothing bad happens to them. They are so vulnerable, Lord, that I fear for them, but I know that as long as you are by their side, nothing will be able to harm them. Give us the rest we need tonight, my Lord. Let our bodies recover from such a long day, always waiting for your will, Lord, in the name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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