Night Prayer for April 9

I want to thank you for everything you give me and for everything you allowed me to do today. This day has provided me with ample experience, and I’ve felt you close at all times.

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It has been a long day, and I have tried to stand firm, for I know that it is to your liking Father. I am grateful, Lord, because I have not been alone, and you have helped me to chose what is right whenever I’ve had a doubt.

I want to thank you for this day, Father, for you have allowed me to enjoy my family and embrace them once more, and you and have allowed me to enjoy your presence as well. Thank you, God, because I had no needs during the day, and you held us close to your breast and provided us with everything our body and soul needed, for all this, I am most grateful.

I humbly want to ask you, Father, for you to cover my loved ones with your blessings tonight. May your Sacred Blood cover us and prevent evil from coming close or interrupting our sleep. This way, we can recover the energy we have lost, and be prepared to tackle the tasks we have ahead of us tomorrow.

Kind Father, many of my brethren are out on the street tonight and have no roof to protect them, nor bread to feed them. I pray for them, Lord, for they need your strength not to give in. Please help them to be brave and to persevere, Father. Do not abandon them, Lord, for you are a kind and generous Father. I beg you to protect these people.

Heavenly King, I also want to pray tonight for the people who have to spend their night in a hospital bed. Please comfort them Lord, and dispel the pain they have in their hearts, at least for tonight. May they be able to fall asleep so that they can keep facing the trials they have ahead of them.

Please, God, guard all children against the enemy and do not allow anybody to harm them. Please cover them with your Precious Blood so that no evil may harm them, for they are vulnerable, Lord. I fear for them, though I know that while you are with them, nothing bad can happen. Please grant us the rest we need tonight, my Lord. Allow us to rest so that we can recover after such a long day. We always await your will to be carried out, Lord, in the name of Your loving son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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