Night Prayer for April 10

My beloved Father, the moon gives us its light. You have allowed me to reach this moment and I know that you have a perfect plan for my life. I am grateful to you, my Lord, because only you care so much for me and love me unconditionally.

I want to thank you, King of Kings, with all the sincerity of my heart, for giving me the joy of having my family next to me for one more day. Thank you, my Lord, because you did not let me fall all day long, because you have always lifted me up and kept me firm.

Blessed God, thank you for your beautiful creations because each one of them is a priceless gift to my life because they allow me to enjoy the sun, the wind, and the sea. Thank you, Lord, because you have placed everything at my disposal for the sole purpose of making me happy and so that I may lead a happy life on this earth.

Thank you, merciful Father, for being with me all day long, for giving me your peace and serenity, and for giving me your pure and blessed love when anger was looming over my day so that I could understand those who do not think as I do.

Tonight, my beloved Lord, you give me the privilege of being able to count on material goods, which allows me to lead a dignified and comfortable life in this world. Thank you for keeping me safe, for reuniting my family tonight, and for putting worries aside as we count the infinite blessings that you shower on all of us.

I beseech you, my Blessed Lord, you who are the Father of all that is good, just, and wise, to grant me the wisdom to make the right decisions and to be a nobleman. Give me patience, my Lord, to know how to wait for all that you have prepared for my life and help me to be a wise man.

Free me from worldly worries, my beloved Father. Help me not to give my opinion without having any support or knowledge of things. Do not allow me to fall into pride and give me the possibility of learning something new every day.

Tonight, may I sleep; may my body receive the energy and health it requires to recover all of the energy I lost this day; and I ask you, my beautiful Father, if it is your will, grant me and my family, and all those around me, a night of peace and tranquility; and for all of this, I thank you and ask you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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