Night Prayer for April 12

Tonight I lift my prayers to you, with the faith and hope that they will be heard, that you will pay close attention to my words, just as a father listens to his child who is in sorrow and worry, just as a father and son exchange their thoughts at the end of the day.

I feel so grateful to you, Lord, for having protected me from evil, as well as having protected my family as well, and being able to be gathered here tonight to praise and worship you, my beloved Lord. Through my prayer, I want to give you my gratitude through my prayer, that you may feel all the love I feel for you, my incomparable God.

I have found in you the helping hand, the shoulder that lends itself to cry on, and the voice that gives me comfort and encourages me not to give up, to go forward with everything. With every stumble, with every mistake, you help me to be persevering, to forgive my own mistakes, and to begin again every day next to the sun. You are a just and wise father. You do not allow me to faint, for you keep me steadfast with you.

Tonight, blessed Lord, before I ask you for my rest, I want to thank you for all of your blessings, those you pour on me and my family, because today you gave us all bread to eat, because today we could go and return from our destinations, and now we are here in our abode ready to rest.

I ask you, my Lord, trusting that you will give me the just measure that you see fit for my health so that tonight I may be restored and tomorrow I may wake up with a renewed body. I ask you to greatly bless those I love most. Give them a pleasant rest tonight, so that insomnia may not make us prey to its clutches.

Tonight, may those who are far from home feel the warmth of your love, and may they know that you are with them and will not fail them, because even those we love the most fail us, but not you, my Lord. Your love is infinite, and your goodness is eternal. You are always watching over your children, and you offer us your merciful hand to help us overcome our adversities. You are great, my Lord!

May your blessed blood fall on the wounded hearts, on the lost souls, and on those who do not believe in you. Bless them so that they may open their hearts, so that they may trust you again, so that they may return to your presence, and may enjoy your abundant blessings. Help them, Father, because many times, even when they are lost, they are unaware of it and believe they are better off without you; it is not their fault, Lord, that this increasingly wicked world has led them to believe you do not exist.

Adorable Father, having already shared with you the desires of my heart, I ask that you give me the rest I need, help me to fall asleep peacefully and that tonight nothing may disturb or hurt us. Bless us, Divine Lord, so that we may enjoy our rest, always awaiting your will, in the name of Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son, Amen.

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