Night Prayer for December 4

Dear Lord, I come tonight before your presence and I prostrate myself at the side of my bed because I want to thank you for being a merciful Father because you stay with me throughout my day and now that it is night, you are still by my side to take care of my dreams. Thank you for this beautiful and long day that you gave me.

 My God, thank you for all the blessings you gave me today because without deserving it, you give me many gifts showing how great your love is for me. Thank you for the miracle of life, for the people who accompany me on this path, and because your shining light illuminates my path even when it turns dark and dangerous.

Tonight I want to thank you for my family, for my parents, for my children, for my husband, for my wife, for my brothers, and for all the people who are important to me so that you can give them the rest they need after this long journey. So that they can regain their energy, rekindle their faith and have a tomorrow with the desire to achieve many goals.

Thank you also because we have a home where we can return and take refuge, because we have a roof and a bed to rest on, because we do not lack food on our table and, because, despite adversity, we stay together, supporting and helping each other.

Lord of goodness, you remain with me in moments of anguish and pain so that I do not feel alone and so as not to faint. If the test is difficult, help me to endure it and to understand that you allow this and then show your glory. Grant me the possibility of understanding your designs and understanding that there is always a plan that is being executed.

I ask you that tonight take all the worries and burdens away from me so that I can rest calmly so that my strength is renewed and that the light of tomorrow will be one more motivation to achieve what I have in mind. Remove all evil from me, divine Lord, and erase the sins that can be committed today.

Thank you again, my God, because your love manifests itself daily because every time the night comes my mouth can only exalt your name and praise you for the innumerable wonders that you put before my eyes. My Lord, every moment by your side is incomparably happy.Dear Lord, I want to sleep with great faith and joy. I trust that you will hear the prayer that I am raising tonight. Respond to it and grant me what I ask of you at the times that you want and that you think are convenient. If it is your holy will, give me one more day of life by your side, in the merciful name of Jesus, Amen.

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