Night Prayer for April 13

Blessed Lord, I thank you infinitely for protecting me today, because I was able to arrive safely at night and now I am ready to tell you the desires of my heart; here I am kneeling at the side of my bed, I am happy to be able to talk to you as the good and merciful Father that you are.

I thank you, God, of my Life, for remaining by my side throughout the day, giving me your hand and protection so that this day may be beneficial to me and mine.

I feel happy, good Father, for having you in my life, because you give me your infinite love and you grant me all that is necessary to continue on this path. Although sometimes it is difficult, it is all I need if you are by my side. Thank you, Lord, because you walk with me because you help me to be a good man and to be a useful servant in your vineyard.

Thank you for having given me each one of your blessings. Because you provide me with everything essential to be able to live a dignified life, because you allow me to bring sustenance to my home, and because you fill my soul with joy knowing that you remain by my side in every situation, especially in the challenges that life puts before me.

I love you so much, my Lord, and I want to thank you for your infinite wisdom. Because you remove from my life what does not do me good, and although at first, I did not understand your intentions, I fully trust you and your decisions about my life.

Help me, Father, not to look at the speck in my brother’s eye. Help me not to judge others for their actions. Help me to help them, to give them the hope they need, to teach them about forgiveness, and help me, blessed God, to be able to be a guide on their way to you.

Protect me from evil, my good Lord, and may I sleep peacefully tonight knowing that you protect me, my family, and those around me; please Father, may it be so.

I ask with much humility, Lord, that tonight my family and I may have a restful sleep, that our bodies may remain still and that our minds may be cleansed of all impure or evil thoughts, hoping that your holy will be done, in the name of Jesus Christ, your beloved Son, Amen.

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