Night Prayer for April 14

Heavenly Father, you who dwell in the heavens and always look after me, tonight I kneel before you to thank you for all the blessings you bestow on my home, those I love the most, and my neighbor.

Thank you, blessed Lord, because during the day we were able to carry out each of our personal activities because you allowed us to spend time with our family and in communion with you. Thank you, my Lord, because you are an inexhaustible source of faith and hope.

I want to thank you, my Lord, for each of your attention, because you know what my heart desires and grant it to me in your infinite goodness and wisdom. Every night and every morning I turn to you with great faith, and you always answer my prayers. You are always ready for what my soul needs, and you do not let me deviate from your path.

I thank you, my beloved Father because the challenges of this day have allowed me to strengthen my soul and my body. After all, I believe blindly in you and in your divine plan, and because you never test me without first knowing my capabilities.

I ask you, Father of love, that you may be my guide so that during the night my thoughts may not become negative, that my dreams may be restful and my body may obtain the rest it needs so that tomorrow, if you so decide, my Lord, I may get out of bed full of vitality and grace.

Bless us, eternal Father, because only you can keep us away from evil and the enemy who stalks our homes, waiting for a small oversight to enter and cause fear and anguish among my family.

May your love, my Lord, reach those who have nowhere to spend the night, for those who have neither a roof nor daily sustenance. Give them comfort, my Lord, so that their faith may not faint or die; help my brothers, blessed Father, so that their hope may be greater than their fears and that they may not allow themselves to be perverted by what is easy.

I pray to my Lord that while the night passes, all my brothers may be safe, especially those who cannot defend themselves from people who want to harm them, the children and the elderly, who are at the mercy of the wickedness of people. Likewise, blessed Father, I pray for the animals of this world, who are being mistreated, forgotten, and trampled by humans. Bless them, my Lord, along with all your creatures, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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