Night Prayer for April 15

Beloved Father who dwells in the heavens, King of all the universe, tonight I am filled with gratitude to you, for my heart overflows with emotion at the thought of your love, my Lord, and I cannot pass up the opportunity to talk to you for a moment, to be one with you through prayer.

I love you so much, my Lord, and I am very grateful for the wonderful day you gave me today. It was a very profitable day. You showered me with blessings and you showed me all your love through your countless gifts. One of them, Father, was that you allowed me to be with my family and enjoy some moments together.

Thank you, my Lord, because nothing bad happened to us today, because you kept us safe on this day, and that, for me, is a privilege, my Lord. Thank you for being considerate of me and for giving me a day full of health, peace, and prosperity. Thank you that you gave me the necessary abilities to perform in this world because I have a complete body that can work and be able to sustain its home.

Blessed Father, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you because nothing was missing on this day: we had everything we needed: food, shelter, family, and friends. You blessed us with so much, beloved Lord, because you did not let us perish. I am indebted to you, my God because I could never repay you for all of the blessings and attention you have shown to me.

Tonight, God of my life, being in my dwelling place with those I love the most, I want to ask you for each one of them, for their lives, so that their problems or difficulties may be solved. Help them most, Holy Father, not to lose their faith and, if they are going through hard challenges, remind them how perfect your plan is and let them know that everything you allow or prevent is always for the good of each one of them.

Help me, my God, not to doubt your promises, for you are a God of your word. Help me to trust in your timing and in the sacredness of your plan, for I know that you have prepared countless blessings for me and I will know how to wait patiently for them, but I ask you, beloved Lord, not to let me fall into despair and that I may be a man of integrity.

Please, merciful Father, may my home be protected tonight by your sacred mantle. Cover my home with your blessings and do not allow the enemy to impregnate his malice in my house. May our eyes be closed tonight, trusting in you, knowing that you will give us your protection against all kinds of evil.

God of love, I ask you tonight to bless all those who cannot sleep, whether it is because of sickness, trouble, or worry. Give them, Father, the rest they need and watch over our dreams, dear Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, Amen.

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